Barak Adamantly Opposed to State Inquiry into Goldstone Findings


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Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gabi Ashkenazi remain adamantly opposed to the launching of a state inquiry following the allegations leveled against Israel in the now infamous Goldstone Report. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appears to be heading towards that direction however; a move that Barak feels will be a “major error”.

While the prime minister is concerned with the ramifications of the report on the international scene, Barak seems more concerned with the boys at home, insisting the government will do irreparable damage if officers and soldiers are called before a commission to justify their actions after placing themselves in life-threatening danger to neutralize the Hamas threat from Gaza. Barak feels the IDF must receive 100% backing and the probing, when necessary, will be done internally.

Speaking to senior IDF officers on Monday, Barak stated “Operation Cast Lead presented many difficult challenges following seven years of rocket fire at Israeli communities. It was carried out under very difficult conditions”.

Barak emphasized that establishing in inquiry following Goldstone would be a “grave error”, stating “There is not another army in the world which checks itself like the IDF. Anyone who wishes may check the government directives to the higher IDF command, directives which comply with international law. I am certain the result of such a probe would be positive and it will suffice for a team of legal experts to check this”.

YWN-Israel reported earlier this week ( that Israeli already conducted its own probe, ordered by Judge Advocate General Brig.-Gen. Avichai Mandelblitt.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. What is Barak hiding. To me it sounds like there is truth to the Goldstone report. If you have nothing to hide why not allow an investigation?

  2. he is right israel does not have to answer to every two bit antisemite or israel basher and in rebuttal to comment one why does not anybody open their mouths when jewsare killed by rockets if not for their fear of killing cicilians idf would have mopped the floor with hazbalah yemach shmum

  3. Inquiries like this are not meant to find any facts or “get to the truth”.

    They are used only to demoralize and demean those who fight terrorists and other lowlives who will use any and every means, to advance their goals.

    In cases like this in Israel they are just looking for excuses to intimidate Israeli soldiers and commanders so they will be less effective in combat situations and too afraid of an inquiry to do the job, which of course will help the terrorists win and cause more Israelis to G-d forbid, lose their lives.

    Inquiries like this and the antisemitic agenda behind them, cannot be tolerated.

    Let them start inquriries into how and why Arabs in the territories abuse their own children and brainwash them into becomming human bombs to blow up still other children, for their evil parents and terrorist leaders.

    If they care about real abuses, let them start with that.