Military police arrested a 21-year-old avreich at the entrance to Betar Illit, who was listed as AWOL (absent without official leave) from the IDF. The avreich is a talmid in The Mir in Yerushalayim.

The young man’s problems began about three years ago, when he left the country without informing the IDF as was required. A number of months following his return, he received a draft notice. For reasons that are not mentioned, the avreich decided to ignore the draft notice, along with subsequent warnings sent to him, instructing him to appear to begin the pre-induction process.

Military police were sent to his home to place him in custody, but they officers left empty-handed. They never found him.

Last motzei shabbos, the military police apprehended him following a bit of work to learn his routine and to follow him. He is now in Military Prison 6 and askanim are working to have him released.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. For all the same reasons we dodged Czarist Russia’s draft, we have even more to dodge the zionist draft.

    Not to even mention the spiritual danger in the idf from its rampant licentiousness and debauchery.

  2. If he never joined the army, he could not have been AWOL. Only a soldier can go AWOL. A civilian who refuses to show up for induction can be charged with draft evasion or resistance, which seems to be the case here. Only if he joined the army and then skipped town would he be AWOL.

    Assuming he was ineligible for a yeshiva deferment, he should have stayed out of the country. It doesn’t sound like a paper work problem since it seems they are spending a lot of resources that would go to waste if he turns out to be eligible for a deferment. The are a number of reasons he might not have been eligible (e.g. gainful employment).

  3. There are many thousands of avreichim who sit and learn and do NOT go to the army OR to jail.
    If this guy didn’t bother to take care of the paper work he was sent, that is HIS OWN FAULT. Now that he’s in jail he HAS the time to contact and be matri’ach others.
    As far as the IDF’s “rampant licentiousness and debauchery” it is no better or worse than what goes on in the country in general. While sexual immorality, in or out, of the army, is terrible, there are ALSO MANY, MANY seriously frum b’nai Torah in the IDF who maintain their shmiras hamitzvos IN FULL.

  4. I don’t know who is stupider, the “avreich” (who is actually Rach Bechochmo) or the “askonim” who are interfering.

  5. AKUPERMA – when you go to a rav’s halacha or Gemora shiur, are you the guy who always speaks up because you know the Gemora or halacha better than the rav does? – Just wondering…

  6. “For all the same reasons we dodged Czarist Russia’s draft, we have even more to dodge the zionist draft.” Really, Volvie? My child graduates high school iy”h in June, and goes into the Army shortly after. Is my child’s life less important than someone else’s child? Yet my child chooses to wear a uniform, and defend everyone else, including draft dodgers. Hardly seems fair!

  7. Volvie,
    Just remember, with all the bad there is with the Zionist army, they are protecting Jews. Without them, Al pi derech haTeva, there is noone else. This zionist army, consists of some pretty G-d fearing individuals as well and some pretty solid Hesder Yeshiva bochrim and nachal charedi guys to boot. Go tell the parents of the eight Merkaz Harav Kedoshim, who’s blood was spilt over open Gemorahs your opinion of the zionist army. Is it fair that your child gets to become a groyseh Talmud Chacham in the warmth of the 4 amos of the beis medresh on account of the blood, sweat and tears of other frum and non frum (mostly) Jewish kids? In 120 years there will be an accounting & when your draft dodger child goes up to shamayim and proudly displays the shas he had learned in yeshiva while his zionist counterparts were standing in the cold rain awake at night, dodging bullets and hunting terrorists – all to protect klal yisrael, I sure hope your Zionist Draft Dodging logic will help you out.
    True, the army is pretty messed up these days – and even I am having a hard time justifying sending my son to it -as I am completely at odds with the IDF and the secular gov’t – but if not for us, who else?

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