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Former Mossad Chief: US President Pushing Islamic Agenda

Speaking with Israel Radio on Wednesday, former Mossad Intelligence Agency Director Ephraim Halevy explained that the radical change in the White House’s attitude to Israel is in part due to President Barak Obama’s agenda, one that seeks to rehabilitate Islam’s image, seeking to remove the tainted image of being responsible for world terrorism.

Halevy explained the US president is definitely committed to this goal, and unlike his predecessors, he feels compelled to act towards radically changing the way Americans and the Western world views the Islamic community. This he explains is the reason for much of the policy changes that are seen regarding the White House’s actions and attitude vis-à-vis Israel.

Halevy explained the American president is working in earnest to befriend the Islamic community and bring about change.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. How is this different the Bush (except the Obama tries to be “cool”). The idea is to marginalize the “bad” Muslims (the ones who shoot at the US), and ally with the the “good” Muslims (the ones who support the US). This means that the US wants to court both the super-traditional (the Saudis, for example, who dislike Osama’s radicalism) as well as the “modern” Muslims who want to be part of western Euro-American civilization.

    Both Bush and Obama had strong ties with the Islamic world, and both want to co-opt it. There isn’t any substantive difference. There isn’t any “change” (and note that the Defense Secretary held high positions under a variety of Republican presidents, and the Secretary of State is someone with strong ties to the secular Jewish establishment). No hiddush. No change. Just some slightly different flavor to the hot air.

  2. #2 The ONLY thing “Cool” about Hussein No bama is his cold hearted, methodical dealing with our brother Jews in Eretz Yisroel. Iran’s nukes pose a clear and present existential threat to America’s best ally while the US does absolutely nothing to help her except “some slightly different flavor to the hot air”.

    No hiddush, just a total and politically correct paradigm shift over to Islam.

  3. And what qualifies Mr. Halevy as an expert on President Obama’s agenda? He is the FORMER head of Mossad and had left the scene long before the last presidential election.

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