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VIDEO LINK ADDED: Situation Turns Violent for Women of the Wall on Rosh Chodesh

[VIDEO LINK ADDED BELOW] The controversial Women of the Wall were present at the Kosel Tuesday morning, as is their custom every rosh chodesh, seeking to create new facts on the ground, wearing talleisim, tefillin and seeking to read from a Sefer Torah.

This rosh chodesh however, at least one man, a member of the chareidi community, simply had enough, taking matters into his own hands. According to police, he threw two chairs at the women, apparently without resulting in injuries.

Police detained the man and the women were permitted to continue with their monthly custom.


(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. EDITED:
    incidentally, they are made by ‘keter’ an israeli factory that is mechalel shabbos. who knows they might be next in the ‘holy’ shabbos war if we can find an askan to take the project upon himself (‘lshem shomayim’ of course)
    maybe keter should make an ad campaign showing how their chairs are used for the mitzvah of u’be arta hora b’kirbecha

  2. People have know idea how hard kiruv becomes when things like this happen. When one person throws a chair, 1000 people may reconsider getting involved with a nice, friendly orthodox rabbi

  3. איך הנשים “הצדקניות” הללו ימ”ש מקיימות את מצות תפלין? – הלא כיסוי ראשן הוי חציצה

  4. Too bad they don’t believe in that other monthly “custom” for women (going to the mikveh).

    Do they put on talis and tefillin EVERY day, or only for the monthly provocation at the Kotel?
    Do they even daven AT ALL every day? I seriously doubt it!

    These women like to compare themselves to Rashi’s daughter, who it is said, put on tefillin. But there is a HUGE fundamental difference between them and her…
    These women don’t care about enhancing or increasing their mitzvah performance. They are generally not even shomer Shabbat. All they care about is their political feminist agenda – period!

  5. PachadYitzchakFan: Kiruv can NEVER come at the expense of a קיום מצוה. If there’s a chiyuv to throw the chairs, then you’ve got to do it. 🙂
    Imagine if a potential BT comes for the first time on Yom Kippur, and you tell him he has to fast, and because of this he runs away. Should you tell him to eat instead?

  6. If the men would concentrate on their davening in the men’s section, they wouldn’t know what’s going on in the women’s section.

  7. Did these Women Off The Wall have their brita and their pidyon habat yet?

    Which of these nutcases was the kohenta?

    When was the last time the husbands of these weirdos put on tefillin or even prayed?

    Except for putting on tefillin on Rosh Chodesh, do they observe any other of the 613 commandments of the Torah? Do they keep kosher? What about Shabbat? When did they stop driving to the beach on Shabbat and Chagim? Do they cover their hair with a kipah and on Shabbat do they wear a shtreimel?

    What a sad bunch of OFF THE WALL idiots!

  8. Why arent they arrested for violating the terms for the proper use of the Wall? Suppose someone, heaven forfend, wanted to play handball against the Wall. Would it not be appropriate to stop them for inappropriate use, and arrest them if they did not cease?

  9. #3 dont worry your little head about kiruv. worry about chillil hashem. and i’m not going to expand on why its chillil hashem. the real meaning and your kind of meaning of ‘chillil hashem’are different.

  10. #3 …by the way, whats so important about kiruv? what is it all about? why should i care whether another yid is oiver on taryag? now, if you can post the proper answer, then we can understand why we have to protest these ‘holy tzedeikes’ bloshon ‘sagye nahar’. point 2..those who become such kenoim against these protests usually are not concerened about kirev. es shtect zei that we dont allow these anti torah, femmenists to mock the holy place and further thier ‘kenimrod gibor tzeis lifnei hashem’. you can rest assured they dont observe taharas hamishpacha and the rest of taryak

  11. Dear kitzur_dot_net

    Where is there a chiyuv to throw chairs? I know many of these types. They are totally misguided, and they have been brainwashed by their teachers.

    Throwing a chair is not the mitzvah of tochacha. Tochachah according to the rambam in hilchos teshuva is to tell someone
    and in a way that conveys your are seeking thjeir best intrest, what they are doing wrong

    Did this fellow try that?

    Throwing a chair is an issur of pen tosif, and chillul hashem

  12. #8 “ring” – I like your term.

    Instead of being called “women OF the Wall”
    they should be referred to as…

    “women OFF the Wall”!!!

  13. There is no question that the Woman of the Wall intentionally act in a provocative fashion. They need to be stopped by any legal means necessary. No one has the right to intentionally interfere with the Divine devotion of another, even in the pursuit of a just cause (and no, I don’t think WoW’s cause is all that just). But I think it should be manifestly clear that responding to them with violence is pointless. It neither deters WoW from coming month after month, nor does it garner any sympathy for those who oppose them. Personally, I think money is the answer. Civil suits, money judgments and the enforcement of them seems the answer. Make it way too expensive for WoW to violate the rules of prayer at the Kotel.

  14. the way see mes. brochos 20a rav ade bar ahaveh with the kutis women, so its not so black and white as you make it with your misplaced ‘chilil hashem'(see #10).also these prutzestes are not innocent ,they know what they are up against and they come daveke to provke ‘kenimrod gibor tzeid lifney hashem’ they deserve worse

  15. #’s 10 and 11, Kiruv is an interesting variable added to the conversation. If YOU were able to influence others as to what is right, and why it is right, then maybe the world would be better off. Not everyone who does wrong went to yeshiva, learned, and knows better. Obviously, these women are not Bais Yaakov graduates. If they were, this would not happen.

  16. PachadYitzchakFan:
    I don’t know when and how violence crept into the Charedi society but its a big problem. I have no doubt that the same guys who throw chairs and approve of such acts are the very same people who abuse their wives and children Rachmana Litzlan.

    I would say that any yid that has no problem throwing furniture which could possibly kill someone (a chair thrown hard enough can kill someone if it hits them in the head)
    Should SERIOUSLY look into his yichus. He is probably from the Eiriv Rav.

  17. #21 if there is a question of who is from eiruv rav, its more likly these kind of people(women off the wall), and those who fight against separates busses (vehoya machnecha kadosh {when possible}) etc etc

  18. Dear WellinformedYid.

    I daven that perhaps you are not correct, and that hopefully this is just a freakish aberration, and not a trend in frum society.

    For all of you above who approve of the chair throwing, I dare you to ask a shaila from an accepted gadol, and ask if one has a chiyuv, or if its mutar to throw chairs.

    I would be embarrassed to even ask the shaila. I think there is no hava amina

  19. I’m curious how all the nevi’im on this board know that just because these women daven at the Kotel with tallis/tefillin that they don’t observe Shabbos, Kashrus or Taharas HaMishpacha.

    I suppose the idea that being motzei shem ra on someone might be forbidden has occured to these people.

    Even if this is 100% absolutely against halacha, you don’t know what these women do with the rest of their lives — and you have no right to make assertions that they are lax in any other area.

    The Wolf

  20. What?? You’re upset that he threw a chair because maybe one day someone who is eating pig might consider not eating pig but then say OH WAIT, remember that guy who threw the chair? I don’t want to be like that! Goyim throw chairs in their sleep! Nonsense!

    On another note, what did throwing the chair really accomplish? Yes, they are kofrim! What they do is outritht disrespect to the holy place and to Hashem & Torah! It’s an absolute outrage. Any Jew who sees this should feel anger and hurt at such a sight! I saw a christian girl cross her heart at the kotel and kiss it – OUR kotel!!! OUCH! It hurt! I was upset! I prayed for Mashiach! But I didn’t punch her in the face!
    The man who threw the chair, I understand his feelings. I can feel his pain. But nebach he has an anger problem! This is not how Jews express themselves. We need to bring our minds together and try to figure out the best way to do away with this disrespect. But we must also know and understand, that violence never solved a problem. And it doesn’t make us look too peachy either.

  21. you are not allow to shout fire in a theathre is that is not a fire. It is a provocation for problems. These women should have been remove as a provocation which they are. I would not throw chairs but this is a holy site. Let themdo this in Meeca, or Iran, or on the dome of the rock. See how long they would be alive never mind escoted from the area. They are a provocation and the police sholuld have removed them IMMEDIATELY

  22. Dear MichelleNY

    You are mistaken. I am involved with (teach) many Jews who identify as conservative Jews, who are held back from joining a Frum shul because of chilul hashems that erupt from the frum community, like these. The past two years have unfortunately had plenty of chillul hashem’s from our fellow frum yidden, and i didn’t hear the end of it.

  23. They can make excuses all they want. They’ll see what they want to see. There are angry people in every group, and you will find fools everywhere you look. I am a frum Jew who was not born a frum Jew. I am a frum Jew because I chose to be. Because I saw truth in it and chose to look deeper. Many people around me love to analyze and talk about the “crazy black hats” because it’s easier than looking at themselves. As I said, people will see what they want to see. B”H I am not one of the violent Jews who unfortunately assist these people in seeing what they want to see. And I sincerely applaud you for doing your part to help guide them to the right derech. With Hashem’s help may you be successful in your holy work and always be zoche see the fruits of your labor.

  24. Both sides are ridiculous. The violent chair-thrower took the bait, and satisfied the group’s weak and transparent plea for attention while being over on an Issur D’Orayta while at most the women Had Yuhara, and Ma’Ikar Hadin are allowed to wear teffilin and taleitim with a Guf Naki.
    And these women, refuah sheleimah to them. May Hashem have Rachamim on them and show them the right way to worship G-d.

  25. It is incredibly disrespectful for these WomenLibbers to be using our holiest prayer site as their political tool to advance their anti-Chareidi agenda.

    That they would do this demonstrates their total lack of Yiras Shomaim, and makes it very clear that this is not about Yiddishkeit. it is about political correctness–Reform.

  26. #26 you saw a christian girl etc’.. now lets have a lttles talmudic deduction can you see the difference between our subject at hand nd that girl? nu zoged pshat..

  27. Nice journalism. Fortunately,there is video footage of the indicident. Notice multiple chairs being thrown and broken. There were no women were detained, the peacefully resisted and sat in the chairs.

    Moderators Note: Video link will be addd to story now. Thanks so very much.

  28. Thanks for the add, hopefully people can see by watching this footage that your reporting of the story is incorrect.

  29. #25 “wolf” – You asked – How do you know they are not shomrai mitzvot?
    ASK THEM!!!
    Many of them wont hesitate to tell you that going to the mikveh is something from the days of antiquity and is anti-woman, – keeping Shabbas means not going to work, not not going to the beach. Kashrus means they (maybe) don’t eat pig or lobster – period.
    ASK THEM!!!
    Conservative Jews do not even ASPIRE to see the Beis HaMikdash rebuilt. Try finding karbanos in a conservative siddur.
    So why are they doing this at the Kotel? Their act is clearly just a provocation. Clearly a feminist political act.

  30. From the video it is clear that it was more than one man throwing chairs. Read the comments to the video on YouTube. What another sad chillul hashem

  31. These women may be misguided, even using religion to forward their feminist movement. But at least they are trying toward a connection to Ruchnius!!! By “chareidi” men throwing chairs, the men are only proving that they are misogynistic fools who believe more in “hishtadlus than Bitachon”. If chareidi men would be more afraid of Hashem than women who just want connection and respect, perhaps we’d have the Geulah already!!!

  32. Shimen, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Yes, I do see a difference, that girl was christian and what she did was avodah zara, while these women are Jews who are totally disrespecting the Torah. Do you see why I mentioned the story in the first place? There is such a thing as anger which is permitted. After all it’s a middah and there is room for all middot but some in limited measures. It is permissible and in fact necessary to feel anger when you see such blatant disrespect to Hashem and His Torah, especially in so sacred a place. In both situations you would feel that pain. But you are not permitted to act on those feelings and throw chairs at people. Ya chap?

    And to the poster “Chutzpah”, I must say you have a chutzpah!

  33. To #38 -Mirm32 – These women do NOT want “a connection to Ruchnius”, they want a connection to FEMINISM, – and since they are Jewish, this is how they choose to do it.

  34. There was violence this Rosh Chodesh from Haredim.Whatever view you may have of these women, hashem would not condem violence. To assume these women do not observe halacha is inaccurate assumption. These men did not observe halacha by throwing chairs at women, disgusting. There are so many horrible things that could have happened if someone was hit, especially with children present.

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