Ofra Homes Slated For Destruction Fenced In By IDF


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1The nine homes slated for demolition in Yishuv Ofra are located in the Givat Tzvi neighborhood of the community. Military police were on site early Monday morning 2 Rosh Chodesh Adar, despite the fact the High Court deadline for the demolition is Thursday 4 Adar. Authorities have reportedly made a number of arrests of persons they fear would lead resistance to the demolitions as was done a number of weeks ago, when Amona was removed.

Most of the families in the nine homes have already packed their belongings and they have somewhere to live when they are expelled from their homes.

Ynet adds that residents of Ofra have decided there would not be physical resistance and certainly not attacks against security forces as were seen in Amona by youths who came to lead the resistance.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Thousands of Arabs live in illegal homes but not 1 was slated for destruction by the anti-Jewish self-appointed judges-for-life. WE MUST CONTINUE PRAYING HASHIVA SHFTEINU WITH KAVANA until our enemies running the country will be replaced.

  2. I don’t want my children joining an army that kicks Yidden out of their homes, destroys shuls and defends a government that allows for toeiva parades. I will rather have them learn the heliga Torah.