Jordan Valley Kibbutz Members Say They Are Done with Labor Party


Maariv  correspondent Daliya Mazori reported that members of Kibbutz Almog and Beit Ha’arava in the Jordan Valley say that they are abandoning the Labor Party in protest of the demolition on Thursday of foundations for homes for the sons of Kibbutz members at the instruction of Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

The foundations were almost completed prior to the construction freeze and the kibbutzim promised not to continue construction until the freeze ended – and to date honored their word.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered that the foundations be demolished because they were not completed before the freeze.

“He insisted that they be demolished.  We met with Barak several times.  I told him, we honor the law and won’t play around, but please leave the foundations alone.  He stood his ground.  The claim we heard from him was that Obama wanted to see that construction is being demolished everywhere it takes place and not just in the settlements.”  Mordechai Dahman, the head of the Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council said.



  1. Barak is an an evil man. He loves to smash and destroy and has no heart for people. He was behind the heartless, monstrous Gaza withdrawal. Now he wants to repeat history with the West Bank.