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A Second Israeli Male Arrested in Egypt

On Sunday night, officials learned that a second citizen was in custody in Egypt, a 44-year-old male, who crossed into Egyptian territorial waters and was taken into custody. According to officials, the man is known to be mentally unstable, and he has been arrested by the Egyptians in the past as well after swimming into Egyptian waters, which appears to have been the case in this latest incident. Efforts to gain his release are underway.

YWN-Israel reported on Sunday that another man, 36-year-old Saggai Schori, who was arrested while riding his motorcycle and unintentionally crossing the border. The Egyptian prosecutor is expected to render a decision regarding Schori in the coming days, but in Israel, officials acknowledge the fact that he was armed with a pistol is indeed complicating the matter. Efforts towards securing his release are focusing on diplomatic channels at present.

Back in his come community of Moshav Kadaish Barnea, residents are horrified and outraged over the fact that the Egyptians have not yet released him, realizing full well that he is an innocent harmless residents who accidently crossed an unmarked border. His wife, Ravit, remains secluded in her home surrounded by family and friends, refusing to speak with reporters.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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