Itamar: IDF, Settlers Save Palestinian Mother & Newborn


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IDF forces and local paramedics helped save the life of a Palestinian woman and her newly born infant Wednesday, at the settlement where Fogel relatives are sitting Shiva for the five Israelis brutally murdered last week.

Just as IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz arrived in Neve Tzuf to offer his condolences, a Palestinian cab raced towards the community’s entrance. In it, soldiers and paramedics discovered a Palestinian woman in her 20s in advanced stages of labor and facing a life-threatening situation: The umbilical cord was wrapped around the young baby girl’s neck, endangering both her and her mother.

The quick action of settler paramedics and IDF troops deployed in the area saved the mother’s and baby’s life, prompting great excitement and emotions at the site where residents are still mourning the brutal death of five local family members.

Corporal Haim Levin, 19, an IDF paramedic, was the first medical team member at the scene and recounted the dramatic situation he faced.

 “When I arrived, I saw a woman covered by a blanket in a yellow Palestinian van. I moved closer and saw the baby’s head and upper body,” he told Ynet. “The umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck; the baby was grey and didn’t move.”

“I first removed the cord from the neck and at the same time asked paramedics to prepare the baby resuscitation kit. I pinched her to see if she’s responding, and she started to cry,” he said. Paramedics also treated the mother, who was in good condition at that point, Levin said.



  1. mi k’amcha yisrael!! im scared to think what would have happened had this G-d forbid been the other way around.
    even in the face of such horror, they still helped her. that takes a lot of strength, and i really commend every person involved.

  2. “a Palestinian cab raced towards the community’s entrance”. Suddenly we are good enough!
    Has anybody seen this story yet on the mainstream news? I wouldn’t hold your breath; you won’t find it!

  3. They barely covered the massacre, you think the media is going to praise Israel for this?

    Don’t you all get it? The massacre was OUR FAULT. If Jews weren’t “occupying Palestine” (it makes me sick to say that) then the massacre wouldn’t have happened.

    Quite honestly, I’m not impressed with this story. I’d be very impressed if Arabs saved the lives of Jews. Never happen.

  4. I dont think it was commendable i think the child will grow up with his parents teaching him to kill jews, exactly what was so commendable about it. commendable would have been for them to have the strength and guts to look the other way and send them back to where they came from

  5. Stories like these are not uncommon and they are exactly why Israel will NEVER defeat their enemies. We refuse to fight them, instead we choose to win them with kindness.
    The US dropped an Atomic Bomb on the Japs, that is how they won. Take a lesson fools.

  6. maybe I’m just not a good person, but in light of the salvage attack on the poor Fogel family, this story does not warm my heart….not saying the babay and mother shouldnt have been helped, just can’t find joy in my heart.

  7. When are these stupid liberal Israelis going to wake up and realize that they cannot endear themselves to the Arabs no matter what they do for them?? All this accomplishes is making us appear foolish and weak. The Arabs are incredulous and amazed that Israel has not yet avenged the Itamar massacare. Our lack of a response and our display of kindness toward our murderers is foolish, dangerous and a tremendous chillul Hashem.

  8. “They barely covered the massacre”

    There was plenty of coverage of the massacre. It just had to compete with the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in Japan, the horrible bus accident in the Bronx that killed three times as many people as the Itamar massacre, the return of the Democrats to the Wisconsin Senate, the civil war in Libya, the Arab League unanimously opposing Qadafi….

  9. There is still so much intense pain from what those sub-human savages did on Shabbas that I am still numb.

    I can’t feel anything about this story.

    To say that it shows how different we are from them…
    I think I kinda’ knew that.

  10. eric55…

    You are exactly right.
    You do know, that had they done what you said, it for sure would have gotten loads of international press coverage.
    This, what they DID do, will probably pass with no notice.

  11. One other thing…

    Especially in view of what happened a few days ago…

    Why was an arab car “racing toward the entrance” of Itamar not stopped with machine gun fire?

  12. Let’s keep in mind that our duty in this world is to do Hashem’s will. What do you think Hashem wanted of the IDF/paramedics? We are not to judge what another person’s life is worth. Hashem will take care of these Arabs one way or another. Yes, we must do our hishtadlus, but we must firstly make sure we are doing Ratzon Hashem!