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U.S. Now Recognizes Israeli Security Clearance

There has been a turning point in defense relations between Israel and the US. The US administration now recognizes security clearances given by Israeli authorities to employees in the defense industry.

This refers to Israeli employees who were born in countries automatically defined as a security risk in the US. Until now such employees were not allowed to be part of US projects handled by Israeli companies.

Employees born in Russia, Arab countries, Iran and other countries not considered friendly to the US, who work in managerial or engineering jobs in Israeli defense companies, are well aware of the fact that they are not permitted to work on projects relating to US weapons or technologies, unless they have received specific clearance from the US authorities.

From the point of view of Israeli companies obtaining such a clearance for their employees was an onerous task involving hiring US lawyers. Except in rare instances, Israeli defense companies have foregone this option and simply avoided employing personnel born in the “wrong” countries on US projects, even if they were the most suitable employees for the job and they had high security clearance from the Israeli authorities.


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