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Hafganos Against Jerusalem Summer Events

The following is from Ynet:

The ultra-Orthodox Eda Haredit faction is planning a mass protest against the Jerusalem Municipality on Thursday evening. According to the organizers, the summer events held in the capital are inappropriate for a holy city, and in some cases even lead to Shabbat desecration.

Thursday’s rally is expected to be led by Eda Haredit rabbis – including the extreme faction’s leader, Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss.

Official “pashkevils” (posters) issued by the Eda Haredit faction were hung in the Mea Shearim neighborhood on Wednesday evening, calling on all residents to take part in the struggle: “Do not evade your public duty.”

Under the banner, “Jerusalem’s outcry,” the pashkevils state that the protest is directed at “the destruction of Jerusalem and its holiness by the Jerusalem Municipality, which is organizing ugly outdoor events and destroying the ancient neighborhoods in the holy city”.

The Eda Haredit journal, scheduled to be published Friday, dedicated its main headline to the “huge protest” against “abominable outdoor events organized by the Jerusalem Municipality and its partners”.


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  1. youl see 90% young fun seekers not real bnai Torah ,b/c ball playing is ossur bike riding ossur concerts ossur what do u expect for young kids to do in thee summmer Hafganot thats there fun. Chaval on these “manhegim” with a small kuk they dont get it but we do. Every yeshivah forbids paticipation in these not wise Chillul hafganot. We to them are chutzniks vos farshtain nisht de inyon.

  2. Uh…what outdoor events? Is this a matter of substance or silliness? As a general matter, it seems to me that it would do those Meir Shearimniks some good to get a little sun once in a while.

  3. What are they protesting for? It’s their own fault.
    If everyone had gotten up and gone to vote in the last election, Meir Porush would’ve been mayor today.
    Now we have Barkat. A Tinok SheNishba who doesn’t know better.
    They have no one to blame but themselves. We, the Jews who live outside Yerushalaiim but love Yerushalaiim , blame them for this.
    There should be protests in front of all frum groups who did not advocate voting for Porush. Things could have been different and they are to blame.

  4. It’s disgusting that tyw quotes an article like this without doing it’s due investigation!
    First of all, just to understand what they are protesting about, it’s regarding a “beach festival” inside the holy walled city of Yerushalayim. They are planning on bringing truckloads of sand and making a “beach” with all sorts of “beach activities”! The pritzus and znus inside our holy city has reached a new level!
    #2- It’s not “just” the Eidah hareidit” Actualy the Gadol Hador son signed in the name of his father Maran Eliyashiv Shlita telling everyone to go. Gedolim from ALL camps across the entire spectrum signed on this protest!

  5. Why don’t you post something from a more informative, and less anti-Hareidi source? YNET is feels that we are Israeli’s greatest misfortune.

  6. The Eidah HaChareidis is not an “extreme faction,” and “Ultra-Orthodox” is not a Jewish term. Please edit/sanitize your articles a bit more.

  7. Jerusalem is a holy city to more than just us Jews and people in general should understand this. The truth is, many, many people do. When I am in Yerushalayim I see a lot less truly skimpiest of the skimpy outfits which I saw lets say in Tel Aviv or other areas.

    On Yom tov I was sitting in the lobby of the Prima Kings watching the people coming up from the Kotel area. There was only one woman dressed really exposed and everyone Jew and non-jew alike were giving her inquisitive looks. It seemed like everyone was thinking. Don’t you know where you are? Dress appropriately”.

    L’havdel, There are rules in Vatican city in regard to dress and other things. If people understand to have respect for Vatican city where we are only talking about the Pope, kal v’chomer the holy city of Yerushalayim.

  8. to all the anti charedi posters- its theior city for a couple hundred years. and till you live here you cannot understand. also ywn is making normal yidden look like niturei karta. shame on u.

  9. It says very clear in the top and bottom of the article that it is from Ynet (Yediot). It is not YWN that is calling anyone by any label or title.

  10. Why don’t they mind their own business? I am sure that these people would benefit by working on themselves rather that cause problems to people who could care less about them.

  11. I must say that I have to agree with #6 proud orthodox jew, #7 akuperma, and #8 danielb43.

    YWN editors should have summarized the article instead of quoting a blatantly rude article by the YNET Journalists. It’s bad enough to have to read offensive and derogatory statements about us in their articles, we have to read that type of debasing rhetoric here as well?

    If we examine closely, the article never clarifies the type of activities that are in question. That is certainly done deliberately. Therefore, I believe that what “Proud Orthodox Jew” is saying is true.

    Being so, I think everyone can agree that a beach party in Jerusalem is highly inappropriate.

  12. To all those that posted negative statements about the Eidi and the protest:

    First of all, it seems to me that most of you don’t even live here and therefore you are not informed enough to state an opinion (Note: It is well documented that Reb Moshe never paskined on issues dealing with Eretz Yisrael without consulting Rav Shach, even though Reb Moshe was the Posik HaDor! Most likely it was because he realized that to see the whole picture you have to be there.)

    Secondly, even if you are not a big fan of the Eidi (which personally I’m also not), non-the-less, it is our obligation to distinguish between people and view points. I can dislike the Eidi and in the same time agree that in this case a protest is acceptable (of course, only after trying to resolve the issue quietly through negotiations).

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