Kashrus Scandal In Flatbush: ‘Pic N Pay’ Repackaged Chicken & Placed Unauthorized OU On Label [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


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FlatbushScoop.com is reporting that the ‘Pic N Pay’ store located on Avenue M between East 19th Street and Ocean Avenue may be involved in some sort of Kashrus scandal.

According to an alert by the OU (Orthodox Union), Pic N Pay repacked and sold chickens, placing the OU on the repackaged product. The Orthodox Union did not certify Pic N Pay and such use of the OU was unauthorized.

The OU says in their statement that Pic N Pay has stopped using the OU on repackaged chicken.

Further details will be published as more info becomes available.



  1. I’m pretty sure it is impossible to keep kosher in the greater NYC area. This never happens out of town where people actually care about kashrus.

  2. This is always the confusing part about kashrus. The competition makes it impossible to know if the product is really not kosher or simply not or no longer authorized by a specific agency. Many times a hechsher is changed from one organization to another and the only announcement made is that the previous agency no longer supervises. This is sadly wrong and creates scandals where none exist.

  3. This is NOT Scandal the Kosher Spot was a scandal, this is standard operating procedure in many stores to repack and label it with the original hasgacha. It may be improper but IT’S NOT A SCANDAL!

  4. it is known that frum people should not shop in that store- they are suspiciously cheap. I was told by may people not to shop there- even before this happened

  5. A message from the Mashgiach at Pic-N-Pay:
    Pic-N-Pay admits that we reprinted the OU supervision on our label without the permission of the OU. The poultry we receive is sealed at the factory by the OU and repacked at Pic-N-Pay under strict Orthodox Rabbinical Supervision. Pic-N-Pay invites anyone who would like to inspect our products into our store and we would be happy to show our processing facilities.

    Pic-N-Pay wishes everyone a Chag Kasher V’Sameach.