OU Kosher Presents Top Ten Consumer Questions In Eretz Yisroel Before Pesach


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ouQ. Is cottonseed oil Kitniyos?

A. In the US it is basically accepted by all that cottonseed oil is not Kitniyos however in Eretz-Yisroel it is a matter of dispute. Those who hail from Chutz LaAretz can continue to keep with their Minhag from Chutz-LaAretz and use cottonseed oil as non-Kitniyos oil.

Q. How come some products switch their Hashgacha for Pesach or are only certified by one of their usual Hashgachos for Pesach?

A. Just like people different Hashgachos have different minhagim. It could be that one Hashgacha has a particular Minhag not to use a certain ingredient on Pesach while others can. Sometimes it may be an issue of Kitniyos therefore a Sephardic Hashgacha can certify it while an Ashkenazic Kashrus cannot. However sometimes it may be because of a more minor Minhag. In Israel there are Hashgachos that do not certify onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper.

Q. Is Canola oil Kitniyos?

A. The OU views both Canola oil and rapeseed oil as Kitniyos.

Q. Is there a problem to use eggs that have a stamp on them on Pesach?

A. One can use eggs with a stamp on them on Pesach without concern.

Q. why do so many dairy products say on them Kasher LePesach Erev Pesach?

A. Before Pesach if a negligible amount of Chametz falls into a Kasher Lepesach item it becomes nullified in the Pesach item. However if a negligible amount of Chametz were to fall into food on Pesach it would not become nullified to the entire solution and the food would be viewed as Chametz. Therefore there are many people that are careful to purchase products that were manufactured before Pesach.

Q. Can one Kasher Shayish Caesar (Caesar Marble)?

A. Caesar Marble is halachically porous and cannot be kashered for Pesach. Such countertops should be cleaned well and covered.

Q. My Childs baby formula contains Kitniyos can I give my child their formula on Pesach?

A. most baby formulas contain Kitniyos. Not only can you but you should continue to give your child their formula over Pesach. However since it contains Kitniyos special care should be taken to wash the bottles out in the bathroom sink (not in the kitchen sink with all the Pesach dishes) and extra special care when making it not to spill Kitniyos formula on Pesach food or surfaces.

Q. is there any Kitniyos issue with dried fruit?

A. Dried fruit are often treated with oils in order to prevent them from being too sticky. These oils may contain Kitniyos and therefore if you do not consume Kitniyos you should be careful to buy fruits certified for Pesach by a Hashgacha that is makpid on Kitniyos.

Q. Do baby wipes need special Kosher for Pesach Hashgacha?

A. Baby wipes can be used without any special for Pesach Hashgachos.

Q. Do aluminum pans and plastic and paper goods need special for Pesach certification?

A. Aluminum pans and paper goods (and plastic ware) do not need special for Pesach Kashrus.

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OU Kosher Presents Top Ten Consumer Questions Received Before Pesach

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  1. Thank you YWN for the Pesach listing.

    One point – there are other Shitos that I’m aware of re: two of the items above. One relates to Canola oil – there are those who hold that it’s Shemen Kitniyos Shenishtanu, and is therefore not Kitniyos. This is not all that widely accepted. The other relates to Even Keisar (Ceasar Stone) – a significant number of Poskim hold that it can, in fact, be Kashered, the same way real Shayish (marble/granite) can be Kashered.

    As always, ask you own Posek.

    an Israeli Yid

  2. also be aware that Ceasar Stone (which may or may not be the same as Ceasar Shayish) comes with a certificate from Machon Tzomet that it can be kashered. Also the CRC says Ceasar Stone can be kashered

  3. I just wanted to clarify that R’ Moshe Feinstein, זצ”ל held that Cottonseed oil is kitniyos, so all Ashkenazim in America should hold accordingly.