Is PA (Palestinian Authority) Coke Cola Kosher?



Last week, a periodic kashrus update, number 013/5773, the Chief Rabbanut of Israel Kashrus Enforcement Unit reported that Coke Cola originating in the PA (Palestinian Authority) is being marketed in Israel, in four packs, warning the tzibur to beware. The alert informs readers to be on the alert for the familiar label, which contains Arabic script and lacks the familiar Rabbanut and Badatz Rav Yehuda Leib Landau hashgachas. The report cites the PA coke is more attractive since it is less expensive.

Dati leumi websites are placing the OU at odds with the Chief Rabbinate as the world’s largest kosher certifier is quoted as saying coke is okay even without a hashgacha.

YWN-ISRAEL checked with OU Israel and learned the following. OU Israel explains the kashrus certifying agency does not recommend Coke Cola without kosher certification. The OU supervises production in the Atlanta, USA plant. In Israel, the drink is produced in Bnei Brak, certified by the Rabbinate and Rabbi Yehuda Leib Landau, Av Beis Din Bnei Brak.

As the Chief Rabbinate points out, there is no kosher certification on the drink produced by the PA. The Chief Rabbinate however is not saying the product is not kosher, but it is advising the tzibur against purchasing a product that does not have kosher supervision. It adds it is a wise not become accustomed to buying items without a hashgacha.

The Chief Rabbinate does ban the PA (Palestinian Authority) coke from eateries under its supervision since it does not have kosher supervision.

Below is the exact wording of the Chief Rabbinate alert:

קוקה-קולה מתוצרת פלסטינית – ללא הכשר לאחרונה נמצאה משווקת רבעיית “קוקה קולה”, כאשר כל בקבוק נושא כיתוב בערבית ללא ציון כשרות כלל. המוצר הנ”ל נמכר במחיר מוזל ויצר בלבול בקרב
האוכלוסיה, הואיל והמותג ידוע ככשר בארץ.

בבדיקה שנערכה, נמצא כי המוצר מיוצר בכפר ביטוניא על יד ירושלים ללא כל פיקוח כשרותי.

בהתאם לכך,ציבור דורש הכשרות בארץ מוזהר בזאת שלא לצרוך מוצר זה, הן לגופו של עניין והן מהפן החינוכי על מנת שלא להרגיל את הציבור לרכוש מוצרים ללא כשרות.

בכל מקרה, אין לאשר קליטת מוצר זה במקומות המושגחים. ידע הציבור ויזהר

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)



  1. IF you hold that Coca-Cola does not need a hecksher, there shouldn’t be a problem. The most likely issue is that the same equipment is used for grape products is not a big issue in Muslim countries. If you require Coke, and presumably all processed foods, to have a hecksher, then of course you wouldn’t touch Palestinian or Pakistani soda, or even American soda if it doesn’t have a hecksher.

  2. “The most likely issue is that the same equipment is used for grape products”

    Why would that be an issue? Muslims are as strict about monotheism as we are and the issur of stam wine is about idolatry.

  3. this is nonesense!

    if u ran a eiruv through wisconsin it would be fine
    if the eida ran their eiruv through umm ell fahhm would the arabs enjoy keeping it up??

    when arsonists deliberately start fires in the carmel forest to undermine israel and kill and maim

    u think a hamas supporter wouldnt put something in the coke?