cRc Kosher: Top Ten Questions for June 2013


crcQ: Does Yuzu Juice need a hechser?

A: Yes, Yuzu juice requires a hechsher. In general, all bottled and canned juices require a hechsher.

Q: Do coffee filters need a hechsher?

A: No, coffee filters do not need a hechsher.

Q: What is the cRc policy on canned vegetables when the only additional ingredients are salt and water?

A: cRc policy requires a hechsher on all canned vegetables, even if the additional ingredients do not pose a kashrus concern. Canned vegetables are processed in a retort which can be used to produce non-kosher canned items.

Q: Does unflavored instant oatmeal need a hechsher? Can I make it on Shabbos?

A: Unflavored instant oatmeal does not need a hechsher. Instant oatmeal is made of finely rolled raw oats and one would not be allowed to make it on Shabbos.

Q: What is the cRc’s policy on fresh raspberries?

A: The cRc does not recommend using fresh raspberries due to insects.

Q: Does salmon need a hechsher?

A: Salmon is unique in that the skin color itself acts as a siman and a skin patch is not required. Accordingly, frozen salmon with no other kosher sensitive ingredients does not need a hechsher. Fresh salmon fillets do not need a hechsher either, but there are other concerns regarding the knives and cutting boards that need to be addressed before the purchasing them from a non-certified store.

Q: What is the cRc policy regarding corn on the cob?

A: Our investigations have not shown any significant infestation in corn on the cob in the USA.

Q: Does baking powder need a hechsher?

A: No, baking powder does not need a hechsher.

Q: Does toothpaste need a hechsher?

A: Rav Schwartz holds toothpaste doesn’t require hashgachah, but it is preferred to use varieties that do not contain kosher sensitive ingredients such as glycerin.

Q: Can the Stanley Cup be kashered?

A: In general, all metal cups can be kashered through immersing the cup into boiling water after not having been used for 24 hours. Under certain circumstances the law regarding a vessel not used within 12 months can be more lenient, and we hope that is not the case with the Chicago Blackhawks’s Stanley Cup!

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  1. As a lifelong Blackhawk fan who had the zchus of being at game 6 in Boston I certainly enjoyed the last question posed in the article.

    Go Hawks

  2. On the question re instant oatmeal, this is NOT the stuff that comes in packets as those have vitamins/minerals added, which DO require hashgocha.

    They were talking about the plain “quick” oats, which normally come in the cylindrical cardboard containers.

  3. I don’t see how they could be talking about quick oats because it requires cooking, so no one would think you can make it on Shabbos. Presumably, you can get instant oatmeal that is precooked and has no additives, and that’s what they’re talking about.

  4. #1 ‘zechuth’ to be at a ball game??
    Do you really think its going to stand for you in good merit at JUDGEMENT? Because thats what ‘zechus’ means.What about uvchkosayhem lo sylaychu, bitle torah, megareh yatzer hora with taruvous and taruvous itselve(u ike darkay achrune rasha hu) and more…