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By Rabbi Sholem Fishbane

Kashrus Administrator of the Chicago Rabbinical Council

Please be advised that ANNIE’S EURO AMERICAN BAKERY (Longwood, FL) is distributing bakery products bearing an unauthorized OK symbol on the label. This company and all their products are not certified by OK Kosher Certification. Corrective measures are being taken.

Please be aware that thelatest Slurpee flavors are Wolfberry (also called Gojiberry), Sunkist Orange Float, and Watermelon Lime are kosher and pareve. An old Slurpee flavor has come back, Pina Colada which is NOT kosher certified. 

Great River Organic Milling produces, amongst many flour products, Organic Whole Wheat under the hashgacha of the Blue Ribbon K. This particular product, available at Sam’s Club, has been mislabeled with a “D”. The product is pareve, as confirmed by Blue Ribbon K. 

Please be aware that Paskesz Fruito’s has cochineal color (a non-kosher ingredient) listed on its ingredient panel.  This is a mistake and the product is kosher l’mehadrin under Rabbi Binyomin Gruber.

Please be advised that Kontos Ktaifi pastry dough produced by Knotos Foods, Inc. of Paterson, NJ, is certified Kosher, Pareve. This product was accidentally mislabeled as OK dairy.

18 Rabbits Brand’s granola bars in the “Belle Bananas Foster” flavor incorrectly marked as C-K Pareve (Igud Kashrus of Los Angeles). In fact they are C-k D.E., that is while there are no dairy ingredients, there is an ingredient produced on equipment that has dairy absorption. Future packaging is being corrected.

The following kashruth alert is from the OU; Key Food I.Q.F. Broccoli Spears bears an unauthorized “Half Moon K” symbol and is withdrawn from the marketplace. Corrective action is being taken.

Various Varieties of Olympus Hard Cheese, bears an unauthorized OU symbol. Consumers spotting this product are requested to contact the Orthodox Union

Please be advised that ARAVA DIABETEA distributed by Orient Secrets (Israel) and Magnit Enterprise (Staten Island, NY) bears an unauthorized OK symbol on the label. This product is not certified by OK Kosher Certification. Corrective measures are being taken.

Smart & Final’s “First Street” Label HOMESTYLE POTATO SALAD has mistakenly been labeled with our “Heart-K” logo, erroneously indicating the product is dairy cholov yisroel with the dairy designation, or if the dairy designation is missing, mistakenly indicating that the item is pareve. In fact, the item is kosher dairy non- cholov yisroel, and when properly labeled has our “California-K Dairy” logo. 
This alert references product with the following code dates: 0417, 0425, 0430, 0506, 0508, 0514, 0517, 0522, 0523. Corrected packaging is being implemented.

Pretzables – located in Solon Ohio is no longer certified by Cleveland Kosher. Any product purchased after March 28, 2010 should not be used even when bearing the Cleveland Kosher symbol.

Chocolate Signatures Inc — COR 669 is no longer under COR certification. Certification has been terminated due to kashrus violations. Any product manufactured from March 29, 2010 and after, should not be used even when bearing a COR symbol.

Value Red Non-Dairy Creamer contains dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel but the OU dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Corrective action is being taken

Please be aware that Dean Jacobs Grinders Mill Rosemary & Garlic Spice was mistakenly labeled as cRc pareve. The product contains a butter flavor as indicated on the ingredient panel and is indeed dairy. Anyone that used the product with a meat item should consult their local orthodox rabbi for further instructions. Corrective measures are being taken.

Food Club Rocky Road (UPC code is 36800-19135) bears an unauthorized OU symbol.

Please be advised that variety sizes of Sushi Nori seaweed products manufactured by TAKAOKAYA USA were mistakenly shipped bearing the logo of the RCC. The RCC ONLYcertifies special runs (e.g. Sweet City) with full size stickers bearing its logo. Future productions will bear numbered stickers.

The following products of The Bakery at Walmart, Wal-Mart Stores bear an unauthorized OU symbol and are being withdrawn from the marketplace: Mini Crispy Bites with Fruity Marshmallows (UPC code 0 78742 20168 9), Mini Crispy Bites with Marshmallows (UPC code 0 78742 20167 2)

Lee Kum Kee Teriyaki Sauce bears an unauthorized OU symbol and is being withdrawn from the marketplace. Consumers spotting this product are requested to contact the Orthodox Union

Due to changes in the manufacturing procedures at Oroweat, all of the Rolls and Buns will no longer be certified. The following breads will remain certified: 100% Wheat, Extra Sourdough Bread , Hearthstone Wheat, Hearthstone White, Oroweat Deli Rye, Oroweat Jewish Rye 16oz, Oroweat Russian Rye, Oroweat Swartz Rye, Roman Meal Sandwich Bread, Sourdough, Star Deli Pumpernickel, Star Deli Texas Toast reports that Scroll K symbol is on the the small plastic piece that holds the bag closed.

Several varieties of frozen fruits and vegetables under the “Nature’s Blessedz” label, packed by Coloma Foods, Coloma, Michigan, bear an unauthorized cRc. They include Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Raspberries and Asparagus. 
These products, although kosher in character, were not checked for insects. The cRc does not recommend any attempt be made to check these products, other than the cauliflower, for insects as it is very difficult to properly do so by anyone not trained to check for these types of insects. Other vegetables packed by Coloma Foods bearing the cRc, other than those listed above, are kosher certified for year-round use but they are not certified kosher for Passover. Other fruits bearing the cRc are kosher for year-round use and are also acceptable for Passover if they are not cooked, are only sweetened with sugar and do not contain any other additives.

Chocolate Toffee Pistachios contains dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel but the OU dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will be revised.

Planters Nutrition Omega-3 Mix, Kraft Foods contains dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel but the OU dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will be revised.

Please be advised that some of the Irish Soda Bread manufactured by Batters & Dough Inc. were inadvertently labeled with a KSA D. This product is not certified by the KSA and labels have been corrected.

Effective March 1, 2010, all products manufactured by Aqua Thick of Muscatine, Iowa, are no longer under certified by the cRc even when bearing the cRc on the label.

Effective March 1, 2010, all products manufactured by BBF & L of Mundelein, Illinois, under the Harvest Better label are no longer certified by the cRc even when bearing the cRc on the label.

Effective March 4, 2010, “The Hummus” located at 18090 Collins Avenue, is no longer under Kosher Miami supervision. Please note that this is not due to kashrus violations.

Sunkist Orange Float and A & W Root Beer Float were erroneously listed as approved on a cRc kosher certificate and the cRc website. These particular Sunkist and A & W products are not under cRc certification.

Please be advised that as of February 22, 2010 OK has revoked certification of Wing Wan, 1640 NE 164th Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33162 due to kashrus violations

Gatorade is now certified by the OU. Gatorade drinks are now kosher only when bearing the OU symbol.

Several KC Masterpiece, Hidden Valley, and HV Manufacturing brands of sauces and marinades will no longer be certified and the OU symbol has been removed. As always, consumers are urged to verify the presence of the OU symbol when purchasing products.

Hammond Candy has included non-certified candied almonds in the following 2 gift boxes: Assorted Chocolates Gold Square Gift Box, and Assorted Chocolates Red Square Gift Box. These boxes have been incorrectly labeled with a Scroll K-D. Corrective measures were taken: the labels are being changed for current orders to be without the Scroll K-D. These 2 gift boxes should NOT be used.

The MK wishes to inform the public that with immediate effect Weston Bakeries products no longer bear MK Kosher Certification.

Yogen Fruz Frozen Yogurt Bar products bearing COR 459 were inadvertently labeled without a “dairy” designation. These products are dairy. Corrective measures have been taken.

Butter Flavored Pam in Israel is OU-D (as in dairy). The small small print says that the item is only suitable for those who use cholov nochri_ (non-chalav yisrael milk powder). reports that the OU has reported that the international versions are OUD. Butter Flavored Pam in the US is OU Pareve.

Effective immediately, all products manufactured by Dakota Valley, Willow Lake, South Dakota, are no longer certified by the cRc, even when bearing the cRc. Products packaged under the “Peanotz” label include roasted nuts, soybeans and corn.

Hunter Farms and Harris Teeter have inadvertently omitted the cRc “D” dairy designation from the labels of various ice cream flavors. The products are indeed dairy, as stated on the ingredient panel, and are certified cRc D. cholov stam

Please be aware that Shatnez has recently been found in: Stella Baby strechys,  Mattarozi Uomo suits (made in China), Peek & P children’s skirts, Piu Bello vest and pants, Cinzia Rocca lady’s coats (made in Italy), Territory Ahead sweaters (China), Coats from Burberry (Turkey), Banana Republic (China) and John W. Nordstrom (China) Kenneth Cole New York (no country of origin), Ermenegildo Zegna men’s suit that was purchased at the Saks Fifth Avenue, and Mouska lady’s wool blend dress (product of Turkey).

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Alerts are compiled from kashrus agencies’ websites;; Kashrus magazine; Kosher Information Bureau; Jerusalem Kosher News, Shatnez Laboratory; and from the Guide to Chodosh (Rabbi Yoseph Herman).

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