Egged Bus Information for Lag B’Omer


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According to Egged’s English website, one may and is encouraged to purchase tickets for Lag B’Omer to Meron in advance.

“There is no need to stand in line waiting to get on the bus. Purchase your tickets in advance and enjoy your trip to Meron: 

“You can order your tickets in advance by calling Customer Information Center *2800 (dial extension #7) and print them by using self-service ticket machine before your departure. The payment is by credit card.

“You can purchase your ticket in advance at ticket offices or JHK branches (see the list below)

* Jerusalem – self-service ticket machines are available at Rav Shefa Mall, Bar Ilan Junction, and CBS (Central Bus Station).

For additional information, one may visit the website by clicking HERE.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. they make it sound like if i buy a ticket in advance i will get my own private will still need to stand in line cuz the guy in front of you was not as ‘smart’ as you and didnt buy in advance.

    pssst- eged dont you know that the only way to get people to do that is to offer a DISCOUNT?! since obviously you dont, good luck…..

  2. Take my advice chevra if you want to go to Meron on lag Baomer with Egged.
    If you want to go and hate the pushing and frustration of crowds, the best time to start off your Journey is right after the netz Minyanim in Yerusholayim. Logic tells you that less people can get to the depot at this time than at any other time of the day, especially families with kids and groups of Yeshiva Bochurim.
    Remember that since its a difficult time for people to start their journey, there will automatically be less people by the Kever when you arrive there 3 hours later allowing for slightly easier access. This also means less pushing on the way back.

    I’m not offering a refund, but I did it on ‘that’ friday 3 years ago when the system collapsed and it took me 7 hours there and back, including 45 minutes by the Tziyon.

  3. Actually, when I was in Israel last year for seminary, we bought tickets in advance, and everything ran very smoothly. The bus left on time, and on the way there it took us less than 4 hours and on the way back it took us less than 3 hours (we flew!)I was very impressed with how smoothly everything ran. They even had a set rest stop with hundreds of portable bathrooms set up.