Southern Comfort Kashrus Alert


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According to noted authority on alcoholic beverages Rabbi Shmuel Semelman, who is affiliated with the Jerusalem Religious Council Kashrut Division, there are three categories of Southern Comfort.

Produced in Ireland, with a hechsher from Badatz Basel and Badatz Beit Yosef. This is ONLY the case if the kashrut symbols are visible on the bottles, which are parve. A special run has been imported with approval via the Jerusalem Rabbinate due to the efforts of Rabbi Semelman, BUT ONLY those exhibiting the hechsherim listed above and they too are parve. 

2. There is another produced in Ireland, which is “authorized” by the London Beit Din, but it is NOT under the organization’s supervision. This is categorized as dairy chalav akum.  (Produced in the USA and bottled in Ireland. This is sold in Israel and in duty free. The alcohol is distilled from whey – DAIRY)

3. The third is manufactured in the United States, and it is not authorized, and it may contain non permitted wine. (Produced and bottled in the USA)

See Rabbi Semelman’s website for additional details.

(Jerusalem Kosher News – www.jerusalemkoshernews)