MAILBAG: Moster Uses Rockland Measles Outbreak to Smear Yeshivas

The Moster

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As reported on YWN, Rockland County has declared a measles state of emergency, the very first of its kind.

There is no question that there is a serious problem in the Orthodox Jewish community, especially in Rockland. Measles outbreaks once thought under control continue to spread despite the very best efforts of responsible leaders and medical experts. Anti-Vaxxers continue their irrational refusal to cede any ground despite the overwhelming medical  evidence that their position is flawed.

While YWN has shared many horror stories over the past few months with the public, despite our very best efforts, the small but stubborn band of Anti-Vaxxers continues to wreak havoc on our unsuspecting community, and we will redouble our efforts to continue sharing and educating  the community to the dangers they pose.

Speaking of education, immediately following Rockland issuance of their public health emergency, a long time nemesis of the Orthodox community, YAFFED issued a statement of their own using the measles outbreak to further their smear campaign against Yeshivos:

Yaffed Executive Director, Naftuli Moster, released the following statement:

“There’s no question that the majority ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic parents have their children’s best interests at heart. But even the best parents need guidance, direction, and in some cases assistance, especially when their leaders claim religious exemptions and self-rule. This is true with their inability to contain the measles outbreak, which could lead to death, and with their refusal to provide general educational instruction, as required by law and necessary for economic and academic success.

“Rockland County is home to a large Orthodox Jewish community and many yeshivas, where the outbreak is concentrated. According to ABC News, vaccination rates at yeshivas are below 95%, compared to 97-100% at most other schools across the state.‎

“Yaffed has long advocated for greater oversight of Yeshivas, which have repeatedly failed to meet minimum educational standards. Such oversight could also lead to the prevention or reduction in public health emergencies….”

How disgraceful. How disingenuous. Measles outbreak? Poor education? Bad drivers? Those Yeshivas again. Over-development? You know it. Name the problem, Moster knows the answer. Yeshivas! Indeed, fundraising off of the Yeshiva issue has become a very good business for Mr. Moster, and be sure he will find other ‘problems’ to fix once the Yeshiva issue is resolved by the courts.

One thing remains clear, no one should delude themselves, it’s not education Moster cares about. It is maligning and undermining the Orthodox community at every possible opportunity that drives him. Together with his band of social media warriors Moster and company have successfully turned already biased elected officials into their own useful idiots, pushing their own version of the truth.

Like the media’s Trump derangement syndrome, Moster and Company have their own Orthodox derangement syndrome and today’s outrageous exploitation of the Measles crisis proved it once again.

Just one question for YAFFED, what curriculum deficiencies caused the measles outbreak happening right now in Washington State?

Eliezer Shultz – Rockland County, NY

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. It’s wrong. But yeshivas that are guilty of this are proving him right. Yelling antisemite when there’s a clear problem won’t help.

  2. The Rabbanim have spent alot of time and engergy fighting the internet and the educational guidelines, They ought to put similar efforts into getting people vaccinated

    Its a tremendous chilul hashem seeing every news site go to chassidic communties in Rockland and talking about the unvaccinated

  3. It what way is this different than YWN berating and smearing any group that it believes is too extreme? Just asking. מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

  4. Im pro-vax btw. My guess is that Moster is looking to get into politics. He’ll do anything that will get him into the paper. Does he really think making a stink like he did, will change any parents minds about vaccinating?