Interview With BSD Quality Electric and Plumbing


Interviewer: Reuven, what inspired you to become an electrician and plumber?

Reuven: It started way back as a child, when my father, a chashuve mechanech, raising a large family ke”h, needed work to get done in the house, but couldn’t afford to hire plumbers and electricians to do the work, had us help him get it all done. The work was always done in a fun and creative way, and I think those experiences inspired me to take this parnassa route…

Interviewer: How long have you been involved in Electric and plumbing work.

Reuven: Throughout my 10 years learning in the Derech Chaim Kollel, I’ve been doing small jobs for local families and friends, but only started working as an electrician and plumber 4 years ago.

Interviewer: We have heard of countless horror stories of people hiring plumbers and electricians and getting ripped off. Can you share a few such stories?

Reuven: Sadly, the stories happen every day, from having to pay $350 for a simple screw, to a $600 toilet plunging plumber visit, innocent unknowing people are often being used and abused simply because they don’t know any better.

Interviewer: We were informed from reliable sources that aside from making a parnasa from electric and plumbing work, you also use your business as a way to do chesed. Can you share some of your ideas?

Reuven: There are so many ways to do chesed in the work place. One such opportunity is to train and employ teens at risk. We all know someone. We are sadly living in a time of “ain bayis asher ain sham meis” Take them under your wing. Teach them a trade. Give them something to be proud of. Let them make a few bucks, feel like a mentch and connect with a Ben Torah in the work force.

Interviewer: One issue that many people have with hiring plumbers and electricians, is when the workers come into Torahdig homes, and nebach, can bring tumah into the home. What are your thoughts on this problem?

Reuven: When we go into a yiddishe home filled with kedusha, we ensure that the level of ruchniyus is NOT compromised in any way. There is never any goyish music and chas veshalom, any vulgar language. Our company does not have a website and I do not have a smart phone.

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