New York: Doctors Researching Cure For The Blind

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Tragedy strikes. A bright, sunny world turns gray and dark as a young father’s eyesight declines. The family is thrust into a freightening world of fear and confusion….


Two years ago, a distinguished 24-year-old husband and father to two charming children, was struck with a mysterious ailment.Frequent headaches and bouts of dizziness were followed by deteriorating vision. The heartbroken family panicked. Frantically, they traveled from one doctor to the next but to no avail.They couldn’t discover the cause and declared him blind for life. Although the doctors in Isreal gave up the young family didn’t despair. They uprooted themselves and flew to New York to persue a diagnosis and hopefully a cure.

Now, B’chasdei Hashem, after exhaustive efforts there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. A top specialist was recommended, and the young man was diagnosed with a rare disease. 

However, that tunnel stretches ahead long and formidable as they are drowning in the expenses for research and treatment.


He can hear his children’s sweet voices, but can’t see their cherubic faces. He can hold his Siddur, caress the cover, but can’t read a word off its pages. He wants to lead a normal life- go back to caring for his family but he is barely able to take care of himself. 

Please help relieve a huge burden from this young family so they can focus on recovery. In the merit of your support may you be blessed with much Nachas, health, and happiness!