How Do I Make My Family’s Yiddishkeit More Real?

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The Eliezer Institute Presents:  Impassioned Emunah Retreat

The 21st century religious establishment is plagued by many serious challenges. There is an ever growing awareness regarding the increasing number of our finest young men and women who are drifting from Yiddishkeit. More recently, another problem has come to light. Significant numbers of Yeshiva educated individuals, some married and with families, have also abandoned their heritage. Some remain with their religious families and act the part, while others do not even pretend to be observant. Moreover, there is an alarming religious apathy even amongst many of the most upstanding members of our communities. Extensive conversations with many such individuals point to a fundamental issue: a lack of passion, conviction and understanding in the basics of the Emunah of these yeshiva-educated men and women.

The Impassioned Emunah weekend seminar is geared towards addressing this issue, and thereby helping to alleviate the plight of so many parents, children and families affected by this lack of passion for Emunah and Yahadus in general. The creative and dynamic talks will not only inspire an enhanced passion for Emunah in the minds and hearts of the participants, but will also explore ways for the participants to influence others around them. This core of inspired and motivated individuals will help reinfuse the frum community with the depths of Emunah it so sorely needs.

The weekend will feature special guest lecturers from Israel: Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb and Rabbi Yossi Wallis, both of whom are legends in the worldwide kiruv movement. Rabbi Dr. Gottlieb, the author of a recent published powerful book called Reason to Believe, is a senior lecturer at Ohr Somayach and former professor of philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. Rabbi Yossi Wallis, CEO of Arachim, the premier kiruv organization responsible for a massive teshuva movement, has inspired people from all over the world with his personal story and amazing book entitled Incredible!, which is currently being produced as a feature film.

Rabbi Shaya Cohen, Arachim lecturer and trailblazer in the Kiruv community; Rabbi Eytan Feiner, Rav of Congregation Kneseth Israel; Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg, Rav of Chofetz Chaim Center in Cedarhurst; Rabbi Yinon Kalazon, senior Arachim lecturer; and Rabbi Eytan Kobre, editor of Mishpacha magazine will also be lecturing. They are all well known for their dynamic influence on the Klal and masterful presentations to Jews of all levels of commitment.  

The weekend will be held at the beautiful Sheraton Parsippany. The lectures will be accompanied by 5-star catering by the renowned Saffron Culinary along with musical entertainment by Benny Friedman & Friends. For more information or to register, please visit us @, call 516-295-5700 x 107 or email [email protected]