Married at 14: One Baalas Teshuva’s Story

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Louisa was a 14-year-old girl living in the Kavkaz region of Russia when she was told by her parents that she would married against her will. This is where her suffering began. However before long, she miraculously began to learn more about Judaism. She gathered the courage to leave her husband, and set off to find her life as a frum Jew.


When she got remarried, she truly believed that she was starting the life she had dreamed of. However an abusive husband made life a nightmare, and after three children and years of marriage, he left without a trace. She is now living as an agunah, without a gett or any support from her childrens’ father. Unfortunately, the story does not end there.


Four years ago, her eldest son passed away from cancer. She mourned him while continuing to support her two younger sons. It seemed she could not suffer further, and the family learned to be strong. Until last year, when her second eldest son was hit by a car. The accident put him into a half coma. Louisa was forced to leave her job, to stay home and look after him. Her 7-year-old son, now the only living and well son, must go through life with no father, and with a mother who is struggling to support him.


Louisa and her sons are now facing homelessness. It is not clear how a bedridden teenage boy could survive on the street. An emergency fund has been started by organization Kupat Ha’Ir, to benefit this family which has had far more than their fair share of pain. The campaign page includes more information, as well as Kupat Ha’Ir foundation number and a video showing an emotional Louisa.


Those who are moved by their shocking story, and who wish to help, can do so by clicking the link below:






  1. “to benefit this family which has had far more than their fair share of pain.”
    This is outright kafira. Who knows what anyone’s fair share of pain is? Tzurie v’lo avloso bo.