6 Chol Hamoed Trip Mistakes to Avoid [COMMUNICATED CONTENT]

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1. Don’t wait until Pesach to plan your trips.

Plan ahead! You know the way we often find ourselves sitting around on Chol Hamoed until 2pm trying to figure out where to go? Only to reluctantly end up at the bowing alley with the rest of the neighborhood? Promise yourself this year will be different!  Browse hundreds of options on TrippoHippo.com

2. Don’t eat macaroons all day.

When you click on one of the attractions on TrippoHippo.com, nearby Minyanim and Kosher restaurants pop up next to it! On Pesach, you might want to bring your own food.

3. Don’t pay full price for attractions. You can usually find a deal online.

Browse the “Special Offers” section on Trippo Hippo to find exclusive discounts, as well as collected offerings from the web.

4. Don’t spend all day in the car.
Find something close to your house with a location proximity search from the left filter bar on the listings page.

Most of the attractions on TrippoHippo.com are easily drivable from the greater NY/NJ area.

5. Don’t get into a fight with your siblings who should drive farther.

View all attractions on a map, to help with your route planning.

You can also filter by distance from 2 different locations, so you can easily find a trip that is close to both you and your siblings who want to join.

6. Don’t spend your day contemplating what to do.

The Hippo already did the research for you!

You can filter by category, distance, ages, and cost, so it’s really easy to find something that works for everyone in your family.


  1. I need a travel site that will help me get rid of Chol Hamoed snow mess in April! We are not going anywhere today, hippo or no hippo. The roads are rough, everyone stay safe.

  2. Does Yeshiva World get paid everytime someone clicks on this “article”? If so, that explains why it doesn’t say “advertisement”.