Gearing up for Chazaq’s ‘Big Event VI’


  You’ve seen the flyers, read the chats, heard about last year, and now you can’t wait to be a part of Chazaq’s ‘Big Event’. On July 15th, you will a have another chance to join us for our biggest ‘Big Event’ yet, taking place in the gorgeous Elite Palace. But what exactly is Chazaq’s ‘Big Event’? As the poster goes, the ‘Big Event’ is a night of unity and inspiration. But in truth, it’s much more than that. The Big Event celebrates all of the year’s successful Chazaq events, and brings together some of the greatest speakers to showcase who we are as a nation and what we can do when we unite. This year’s Big Event represents the beautiful diversity of the Jewish people. From the crowd to the podium, we bring together people originating from all parts of the globe to hear beautiful words of Torah.

                The world of Torah is so vast. It covers every aspect of our life from laws and commandments to outlook and psychology. This year’s ‘Big Event’ speakers have something special prepared for the guests, but they are also experts in their fields of Torah. Few know how to inspire a crowd like Charlie Harary. Mr. Harary is a professor at Yeshiva University and a world-renowned lecturer on topics such as self-inspiration and motivation; a life coach of sorts. He will represent the special place Chazaq takes in the lives of many Jews who look to the network, Torah foundation, and programs put into place by the never-resting and ever-inspired Chazaq team.

                Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson and Rabbi Eli Mansour represent the unbelievable versatility, breadth, and depth of the Torah. They represent the degree to which Chazaq has penetrated the hearts and minds of the children, youth and adults in so many meaningful ways. Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson is one of the most sought after speakers in the Jewish world today, lecturing to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences on six continents and in forty states, and serving as teacher and mentor to thousands across the globe. He embodies the Chazaq organization’s global appeal and passionate, lucid dissemination of authentic Torah to communities all around the world.

                Rabbi Eli Mansour is a renowned Torah scholar, lecturer and Rav of the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue in Brooklyn. He represents Chazaq’s willingness to shift gears and provide all levels of Torah for the Jewish community. Rabbi Mansour’s lectures are famous for their simple beginning and almost dizzying progression to the heights of intellectual stimulation. Chazaq similarly refuses to shy away from all levels of Torah classes, children’s programs and even began an advanced Kollel.

                The Big Event VI will also have a special guest all the way from Israel, Harav David Yosef. Harav David Yosef is a scion of the legendary Yosef family, hailing from the Torah of Harav Hagaon Ovadia Yosef Ztl.  He is the author of the extremely popular Halachic compendium ‘Halacha Berurah’. Harav David Yosef is one of Chazaq’s guides along the path of bringing the Jewish nation closer to their Father in Heaven. He has expressed his support on many occasions and spoke multiple times on behalf of the essential communal and social work done by the Chazaq organization. 

                Chazaq’s ‘Big Event VI’ will in many ways be a microcosm of who we are and what we do. Unite. Inspire. Let’s get together and spread Torah all over the world. This July 15th, join Chazaq in building a stronger future. For Info and Tickets, please visit You can also contact Chazaq at, or call 718-285-9132.