A year of Protection for Those who Contribute to Kupat Chazon Ish

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HaMekubal R’ Dovid Stern’s Blessing: A year of Protection for Those who Contribute to Kupat Chazon Ish

He embodies humility and modesty, but those who seek his counsel know that the holy mekubal of Bnei Brak has a special pathway to our Father in Heaven. His blessings have miraculously come true – whether for shidduchim, recovery from illness, healthy children, or success in raising them. Now, HaRav Dovid Chaim Stern is showering his heartfelt blessings and tefillos upon those who donate to the original Kupah of Bnei Brak – Kupat Chazon Ish.

Established upon the advice of the Chazon Ish and the Steipler Gaon, who served as its first treasurer, Kupat Chazon Ish is a tzedakah fund like no other. For more than 60 years, it has been managed by the greatest tzaddikim of the generation. Every penny donated goes directly toward assisting families in dire financial straits. They are saddled with oppressive medical bills, dreadful living conditions, and constant hunger. But Kupat Chazon Ish relieves their burden.

In honor of Rosh Hashana 5779, those who contribute $180 to the tzedakah fund will receive a coin etched with the blessings of the holy Rabbonim of Bnei Brak. This special matbeya bracha brings a year of bracha and shemira in its wake. And isn’t that something we all need as we stand on the cusp of a new year?

The Beis Avraham Fund of Kupat Chazon Ish assists 6,000 families every year. Their trained volunteers support thousands of widows and orphans and save families suffering from financial crisis. Through job training, budget assistance, and emergency funding for medical bills and legal assistance, an astounding 75% of families make a complete financial recovery. Kupat Chazon Ish helps each family become self-sufficient so they won’t need your help again.

As Rosh Hashana approaches, struggling families are increasingly burdened with the financial strain of the holidays. This year, Kupat Chazon Ish Beis Avrohom will distribute 1.2 Million NIS before Yom Tov to families living in frightening poverty. You too can have a part in this mitzvah, and acquire great merit and blessing for the New Year.

What’s more, you will receive the brachos of our holiest leaders. “I’m the lawyer, the agent, serving as an advocate between you and your Father in Heaven,” says HaRav Stern. As we face the heavenly tribunal this Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, who doesn’t need a top lawyer to advocate on his behalf?

Take advantage of this special opportunity and receive a coin with the blessing of HaMekubal R’ Dovid Chaim Stern, Shlita, by donating $180 to www.kupaschazonish.org. You can also donate by phone now by calling 718.338.9606 or you can send your generous donation to Kupat Chazon Ish – Beit Avraham, 901 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11230.

Tizku L’Mitzvot. May you and your family merit a year of bracha v’hatzlacha!