The Time to Filter Your Device is NOW! Filter FLASH SALE


Netspark, the leader in filtering technology, is having a Tishrei Flash Sale. You can now filter both your cellphones and PC for a discounted package rate. Join hundreds of thousands around the world who are already using Netspark’s technology to filter their devices to stay safe at home and work.




What makes this filter different from others that I have tried?



Various applications that screen out unwanted content at home or office computers are already on the market, but NetSpark’s innovative technology goes above and beyond the rest. There is millions of new content on the web every day including text, pictures, and video. It is impossible for a conventional filter or safe browser to be able to compete with the constant updates and constant flux of new content on websites. Netspark’s state of the art technology constantly scans the web including social media andYouTube to deliver you a seamless protection from harmful content.







How Does It Work?



NetSpark inspects the content being accessed and purifies it in real-time. NetSpark’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules assess images and videos and seamlessly extract only the objectionable elements. Entire web pages are not blocked; users can therefore access all websites that they need for work. Also, the ultra-precise AI eliminates “false-positives” – it won’t mistakenly label a clean web page as problematic.  





Is it Customizable for My Needs?

Once NetSpark is installed, users can self-manage it by choosing from four predefined filtering profiles ranging from “Light” to “Block All.” A Custom Protection Level is also available, in which people can depend upon their own judgment to define the filtering rules and release content.  Our technical support team will be happy to help you customize your filtering needs for work and home.





What about Privacy? Do you store my information?



NetSpark users need not fear any violations. AI evaluates and identifies polluted content without accumulating or storing any information. Only the AI technologies are privy to the computer’s internet activity. NetSpark’s customizable filtering solution leads the way for users to take control, surf safely and stay clear of undesirable, hazardous content.

WOW!  Sounds Great.  Where do I get it?

Netspark is available to download online at or you can visit your local TAG office and ask for Netspark.