A. I. Stone Introduces A New Line Of Suits

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It started with a shirt. Evolved into a dream. Developed ‎into a passion.

A passion to bring our customers great clothing at great prices.

We built a reputation with our shirts. And we thank you all for allowing us to earn your respect. 

A bit over a year ago we introduced our line of LEO suits. 

It took us some time. 

Our objective was to manufacture top of the line suits and sell them at a fair price. 

We are proud to say that we hit the nail on the head. 

With a lot of help from Hashem. 

Our suits are the highest quality. Made in top factories with fabric coming from the finest mills.

With 4 great fits and lots of different style options, our LEO suits  were very well received by our discerning customers.

Our great price of just $250 a suit might have had a little something to do with that as well 

So we went a little suit crazy.

And we opened up 2 popup stores. Fully stocked with suits and shirts. 

Flatbush. 1390 coney island ave. ‎Take advantage of valet parking! Open 10-9 Fri 10-3

Cedarhurst. 445 central Ave. Open 10-6 Wed. 10-9 Fri 10-3

Both are staffed with great help. Waiting to assist you in your shopping.

Come stop by.

We know you will be as impressed by our suits as you are by our shirts.

Thank you so much! 

We appreciate your business.