This Chol Hamoed visit the Sweetest Place on Earth and save Big!

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This Chol Hamoed visit the  Sweetest Place on Earth and save Big!

 Eastern Union is happy to report that we have arranged a major group discount for our staff and clients as well as their friends and extended families for $40 per ticket including cancelation insurance. 

Hershey Park is being rented out this year for chol hamoed late Wednesday late afternoon and all day Thursday.   The regular early bird rate if ordered before midnight this Motzei Shabbos is $45 plus an optional $6 for cancelation insurance for a total of $51. 
If you buy before midnight this Motzei Shabbos  type in coupon code easternunioninsurance you only pay $42 and you can cancel until Wednesday chol hamoed at 5pm or type in coupon code easternunion and it is only $40 per ticket and you can cancel until Motzei Shabbos (this is 5 days before so you get to see the 5 day forecast :))  Tickets will be available at the gate for $53.
Eastern is not running this event. They just committed to a large group so they got this discount and passed it through. All sales and cancelation terms and conditions are to be worked directly with Central PA Koshermart. They can be reached at [email protected]. If you have an Eastern related question please email George [email protected]