A Game Changer in Chinuch and Private Tutoring

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Naaleh Torah Tutors is the biggest game-changer in Jewish Education today! Until now when a child needed help in limudei kodesh subjects, their parents had to hire a private tutor to help them overcome their challenges. The cost of a private teacher can be prohibitive, as the average tutor charges between $60 to $100 an hour. Rav Nosson Muller of Chicago’s Tiferes Tzvi told Mishpacha magazine, “it’s like taking on a second mortgage.” One parent bemoaned the fact that “[the tutor] took more money per hour than an electrician.”

Naaleh has partnered with the AviChai Foundation to create Naaleh Torah Tutors as an innovative solution to this challenge. Naaleh Torah Tutors has significantly lowered the cost of private Torah tutoring by pairing students with professional educators and learning specialists through a customized web conferencing platform that can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home or school.

Naaleh Torah Tutors strives to give every Jewish student around the world the individual attention and academic support of one-on-one tutoring at an affordable price. They aim to provide the International Jewish community with an affordable option to support their children’s Jewish education, allowing the students to improve their Judaic Studies skills while developing a warm relationship with a dedicated role model.

Students are paired with highly qualified private tutors or learning specialists. Focusing on the child’s own learning style, these teachers provide the student with the support and individualized instruction needed to improve his or her skills. Sessions take place using cutting-edge web conferencing technology to teach students via the Internet.

“Our tutors and learning specialists are trained on how to take advantage of technology to enhance student engagement,” says Rabbi Doniel Tisser, Program Supervisor of Naaleh Torah Tutors. “Communication lines between Naaleh tutors and parents and schools always remain open for feedback and discussion. Our tutors are highly qualified and possess years of experience teaching and studying Torah. Our learning specialists have impeccable credentials and will help your child succeed!”

User-friendly, the simple online Naaleh Tutors platform allows users to purchase tutoring sessions, create and manage appointments and meet with the private teacher. Sessions can be conducted at home, thereby eliminating the need to go anywhere or to factor in travel time for a tutoring session. Parents schedule a convenient time, then the student may study from any venue. Additionally, the platform may be accessed from a PC, mobile device, at home or on the go.

Naaleh Torah Tutors would like to work in tandem with schools to provide quality individualized attention to help students succeed. Naaleh Torah Tutors offers highly professional Torah tutoring for as little as $20 per hour.

”Nowadays, what was once considered a luxury has become a necessity,” says Mrs. Tzipora Klaver, Director of Naaleh Torah Tutors. “Today’s classrooms are unable to fully meet the educational needs of each of our children. Private tutoring is no longer a privilege reserved for the very wealthy or those with serious learning issues. Naaleh has created a program which can give every child the support needed to reach his academic potential, by bringing professional tutors at affordable prices to any computer!”

Contact Naaleh Torah Tutors to help your child today! It is the gift that will positively impact your child – and your family – forever.

For more information and to join go to www.naalehtutors.com, or contact Rabbi Doniel Tisser at [email protected] or (646) 493-7092.