ASHREICHEM! Agudah Apologizes For Newspaper Attacking Gadol Hador Distributed at Convention


On Erev Shabbos, YWN published a letter written by a participant at the Agudah Convention. The letter was a public Ma’cha against a newspaper that was placed under every door at the convention.

On the cover page of this “special journal for the Agudah Convention”, there was a full-on attack on Maran Sar Hatorah Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita.

The letter-writer demanded an apology for the Bizayon Hatorah.

YWN commends the Agudah for their public apology on Friday night, and has removed the letter in its entirety.

YWN Editoral Board.


  1. I watched several of the live webcasts last night of the Agudah presentations, divrei torah and they were all extraordinary words of chizuk, especially the late-nite Q&A session on real world family issues, relationships, etc. Agudah leasescertain facilities at the hotel in Connecticut and gets special Group Rates for attendees but it does NOT screen who registers for their hashkafah nor does it have its own security people walking the halls of the hotel at night when these flyers were distributed. That is the job of the hotel’s security staff. If the person who distributed the flyers was a guest at the hotel, I doubt he violated any law although he may have violated some hotel policies. Save you silly musar for someone else. This was NOT agudah’s problem. If you disagree with some of the views about the Rav expressed in this “newspaper” than throw it in the trash, which is what you say you do with your subscription at home.
    Kol hakovod to the organizers of last’s nights program. Well done.

  2. This is indeed a terrible incident. I find it appalling that someone feels they’re protesting “Lshem Shamayim” while disparaging Rav Malkiel Kotler Shlita and Rav Aharon Shechter Shlita. This could have been written without any such language and it would have been well received.

  3. Instead of ranting/venting your anger on YWN, simply file a complaint with the security division of the hotel, for having admitted these trespassers onto the hotel premises. No-doubt there are security cameras, and no-doubt, trespass, is an offense under Connecticut State Law.

  4. I can’t believe I’m posting on Yeshivaworld. My first time ever. Provably my last too. But kudos to the letter writer. I am in the hotel for shabbos and this was required to stand up for kavod hatorah.

    Thank you YWN and the letter writer.

  5. It doesnt matter if it was done with or without permission. This is an Agudah Convention and anything going on there is their achrayis.

    What nerve. Imagine Rav Shmuel forced to see this in his room.

  6. “This is an Agudah Convention and anything going on there is their achrayis….”

    The Maysa Rav is having a difficult time understanding that the Agudah has ZERO control over who can legally enter the hotel or distribute a newspaper (nor do I believe this is violation of state law although we have an outstanding member of the Connecticut Bar here in the CR who might wish to opine on that matter). Do you really want to have some young Agudah intern doing a google search of the social media postings of everyone who registers for the Agudah convention and have a screening committee deciding on who will be excluded based on their hashkafah? I’m certain R’ Shmuel or anyone other attendee has seen or heard similiar types of trash news comments and knows that hotels come with trash cans. Stop acting like a bunch of snowflakes who are so traumatized by some inappropriate “political” commentary about a chashuve rav.

  7. I guess some of you don’t understand how much work goes in to arranging such a shabbos & also what agudahs policy is on this issue.
    Months of work go in to arranging this convention and to besmirch Agudah because of one Chutzpadike individual who went around putting down these trash papers at every doors ids WRONG!
    and #2 Agudah’s policy on this issue if i’m right is the same as R’ Chaim and NOT like the 2 gedolim that we’re mentioned in this letter,
    but I do hope Agudah’s organizers give in a complaint to the hotel security, because i’m pretty sure you are not just allowed to go around and put out literature at people’s door’s,
    I’m sure you ALL enjoyed your shabbos!!
    A fellow shabbos organizer

  8. @Proudly Hasidic – Posts a comment at 2:18PM on Shabbos afternoon. We assume you are in Eretz Yisroel……and Shabbos was over…. So how exactly are you “A fellow shabbos organizer”?

    You aren’t. You are just another Eitznik who will do anything even chillul Shabbos as is apparent.
    I would ask YWn to check the ip address and track where and when it was published. Be an incredible piece of information to see if this was published in fact on Shabbos afternoon after the Cholent from Stamford Connecticut.
    Thanks for exposing yourself.

  9. If treif was chas vesholom served at the convention, Agudah would apologize and it would be their achrayis. Even if a waiter deliberately poured milk into the cholent. This is no difference.

    An apology is in order. The name of the gadol hador was defamed under their watch.

  10. Flatbusher I don’t know for sure but it makes no sense that its Nefesh Academy none whatsoever. My sources tell me Chaim Berlin is behind it.

  11. Dear Editor,
    In todays day and age where social media is the platform for people to share their insights and complaints with the world it must be hard for a frum news outlet to carefully draw the line in what is ok and what is not. What conforms to the gidrei halacha and what does not.
    But by all accounts the “hanhala” of the ywn is not on par with the moetzes gedolei hatorah, or the gedolim behind the agudas yisroel. whether or not you agree with all their shitahs, if you are more yeshivsh or less.
    To think that Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky or any of the other gedolim knowingly allowed for a newspaper with innapropriate material about Rav Chaim Kanievsky to be put in the rooms is outright ridiculous. so i think it is totally innapropriate to post a “letter of machah” on your website. Have we all forgotten basic tenets of yiddishkeit such as loshon harabim larabim, basic emunas chachamim and trust that they dont knowingly do the wrong thing, and the proper mussardick way to file a complaint when you think a mistake has occured.
    How much longer will ywn continue to involve themselves in this kind of stuff??
    the chofetz chaim stresses many times how facilitating loshan harah is an issur of lifnei iver..
    Please help us to have a “kosher” news outlet.

  12. i know full well that you may not put my previos post up, but please pass it along to the editor because i wemnt to the contact page and tried sending it to the editor and it wouldnt go through

  13. @chayav inish livisumay –

    YWN never mentioned Rav Shmuel. Chas vesholom. Never ever. Get your facts straight

    Second of all… apparently, you didn’t see the PUBLIC MA’CHA TONIGHT by the Novaminsker Rebbe Shlita, IN THE NAME OF RAV SHMUEL KAMINETZKY – naming Rabbi Malkiel Kotler BY NAME.

    Third of all…. apparently, you didnt see the PUBLIC MA’CHA TONIGHT by Rav Boruch Mordechai Ezrachi.

    I would say YWN is very much in line with the Gedolim and the Moetzes.

    Get your facts straight and apologize.

  14. chaim berlin is not behind the paper although the rosh yeshiva shlita r aron zol zan gezunt un shtark saw the paper (not this weeks) and was not against it. that does not mean that the yeshiva is behind it and without sufficient proof, no one has a right to say things against an article they never saw the letter above just sais that it said things against gedolim doesn’t say what the article was about so yeshiva world why don’t you publish the article before every one sais their piece

  15. Yungerman- I also live in E”Y and every few weeks Lehovin is dropped off in all the mailboxes, just like HaPeles used to be on Fridays until their budget for it ran out. Let’s hope Lehovin’s budget is heading the same direction

  16. @BullDozer I AM in Israel at this time but I have in the past worked for some big shabbatons in the US, and just to be clear I am in no way an eitznik I am actually a staunch Anti-Etznik, all I was saying is that it doesn’t make any sense that Agudah would approve such a paper going around

  17. Just pulled Lehovin out of the paper recycling (it’s where we put it after it is dropped off on our porch).

    1: Lehovin publisher doesnt hide his name. the paper states it is Rabbi Sroya London. This is not Lashon Hara, as he prints this clearly for all to see in the paper. If you have an issue with him, send him an email (the paper has all his contact info). If i’m not mistaken, he is the son of the famous Rabbi London z’l founder of Nefeh Academy, and the one who currently runs it. I doubt Nefesh has what to do with the paper.

    2: The paper is a one trick pony. Week after week, it harps on a single issue, the draft. Moshe Leon is a protege of Avigdor Lieberman, he was in a runoff election for mayor of Yerushalayim. Rav Chaim shlita was pushing this candidate for Mayor. It makes sense Avigdor Lieberman was stumping for his protege, with the one person whose opinion would sway huge numbers of voters.

    3: I did NOT read the article, because I dont read anything in that paper, whatever has been said about the article and the subsequent reactions are what they are.

  18. As someone who lived in Eretz Yisroel for many many years and understands what is going on in the political arena, I can with certainty tell you that this argument has nothing to do with the IDF induction. This is a power struggle of many years in the making between the majority and a very small minority of people Who will use any story in the book to try to overpower the majority. Unfortunately they will use any story in the book to try to overpower the majority. Unfortunately, they have no real leaders. They make a lot of noise and commotion to prove their existence. The American gedolim Need to take a stand against this behavior. Kol hakavod to the Rebbe and to Reb Shmuel Kamenetsky For taking a stand against this craziness.

  19. All of you shooting bows and arrows, please do not force anybody to accept your views. Everybody is entitled to their own views and everybody has on whom to be somech.