[email protected], The T-shirt created for visitors to tear kriya at the Kotel!

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The launch of the new company [email protected] introduces its unique and needed product: A T-shirt with a perforation specially made for tearing at the Kotel. The shirts are loose fitting, so they can be easily slipped on top of other clothes. They also make great, inexpensive souvenirs to bring back home. Each shirt comes packaged with a paper detailing the Halachos involved in Kriya and
exactly what one should say when tearing.


The aim of [email protected] is to bring awareness to this important obligation which is unfortunately not taken seriously by many. The price for each T-shirt is only 25 shekels (approx $6.50). Delivery is available anywhere in Yerushalayim.


Many are aware that there is an obligation to rip ones shirt when they come to the Kotel, but one often forgets to bring a shirt and passes up on this mitzva, or simply doesn’t realize its importance and significance. The Gemara states: ״כל המתאבל על ירושלים זוכה ורואה בשמחתה״.


“He who mourns Yerushalayim, will merit to see it in its joy.”


Nowadays most people are not on the level to cry over the destruction of the Beis Hamkidash. One thing we can do to express our pain over this great loss is to follow through with this Halacha in שולחן ערוך. It is a Halacha parallel to cracking a glass under the chuppah.


Many esteemed Rabbonim expressed interest and excitement and gave their haskama on the T-shirts.


The company is now selling shirts at “Coffee Bagel,” the most popular bagel shop in the Jewish quarter of the old city, past the Churvah shul, right after the Mizrachi Tefachot bank so that anyone walking down to the Kotel can conveniently buy a Kriya shirt on the way.


To order T-shirts for your next visit to Yerushalayim, for a bar mitzva, or for someone you know in
Eretz Yisroel, or for group discounts,


call them at:
347-457-3841, or




or email them at:


[email protected].


Or visit their Website at:




Send them your pictures wearing/tearing your T-shirt on Instagram @Kriyabakotel and help spread the word about this important mitzva.


[email protected] T-shirts can also be found at: 


1.    1.  The souvenir shop in the Leonardo plaza


2.     2. Cellular Israel in Beis Yisrael near Nechama Bakery


3.     3. Jerusalem Yarmulka in Geula


4.     4. They can also be ordered from blanket express at www.blanketexpressplus.com