Yeshiva Parents tell the state: DON’T ELIMINATE OUR TORAH STUDIES!!

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As you may have heard, the New York State Department of Education published new regulations for all private schools. These new requirements are so out of reach, no private school would be able to comply with them. More importantly, our Yeshivas would no longer be able to teach Torah subjects to their students. Through these new regulations, an imposition of the State’s public school curriculum will be placed on our yeshivas. This includes a long list of required classes – seven that must be taught in grades 1-4, and 11 that are required for grades 5-8.  They even want the State to evaluate all yeshiva faculty members. These new guidelines effectively put the State in charge of the Yeshivot that we pay for.

We need to come together as a community to fight against these new guidelines that will surely hinder our children’s’ future in Torah education. Agudath Israel of America , Torah Umesorah, and PEARLS have spread the word to all of the Yeshivot in the state of New York that these new regulations have gone into effect and now we need action to be taken by parents and community members. Our petition has already reached over 50,000 signatures, but we need more to truly make a change.

Please click here to sign this important petition fighting for our rights to teach Torah in our schools. 


  1. Good luck with the petition!

    I want to express my opinion on the name PEARLS- I think it has a very amateur ring to it. You need something more professional and sharp sounding than this.

  2. In the UK all the moisdos have created a body called Chinuch UK to negotiate with the authorities regarding recent similar problems. They have already reported some major success although more needs to be done.
    Why is that not happening in the US?

  3. Is the OU and / or YU also involved? I don’t think I saw anything on their web sites.
    They certainly can massively counter argue about sub par secular education.

  4. If these have already taken effect and the count down to problems has begun the should we try massive protests in Manhattan and Albany (via busing)? All yeshivas and shuls and parents as well en masse for Torah and Yidishkeit.
    If need be maybe invite Catholic and Moslem schools as well OR cooerdinate for diiferent massive protests in days near each other, If this is so serious Ais Lassaos LaHashem. Mee LaHashem Islie. And maybe try inviting politicians as well.

  5. And of curse can the Federal government be called in as its a Religous Freedom issue. And maybe we can try Jared and Ivanka reminding them of the Queen Esther story?