JUST RELEASED!!! Beautiful New Song!!!

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This song is dedicated to my yeshiva, Yeshivas Tehilas Shlomo and their matching campaign.

Like most people, you have probably never heard of Yeshivas Tehilas Shlomo.

A small yeshiva, yet so big, Tehilas Shlomo makes all of us feel like all we want is to learn and to succeed, both in bein adom l’makom and bein adom l’chaveiro.

Tehilas Shlomo is a family, we are here to help each other and ourselves become the individuals that we are capable of being, with unbelievably dedicated rebbeim guiding us and helping us shape our lives and our future.

Naturally, being a small yeshiva, we have quite a small pool of donors, which is why this campaign is so important just to keep the yeshiva alive, so we, the talmidim, can continue growing and gaining from the yeshiva and the rebbeim.

Tizku L’mitzvos,
Avi Hass