DESPICABLE: Kever of Manchester Rosh Yeshiva ZATZAL Vandalized Over Shabbos [PHOTOS]


The Kever of the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva, Hagaon HaRav Yehuda Zev Segal ZATZAL was vandalized over Shabbos.

Devastating photos show extensive damage to the Ohel, after it was smashed at the cemetery in North Manchester.

Other parts of the cemetery were trashed or destroyed after vandals wreaked havoc at Philips Park Jewish cemetery in Whitefield.

Police slammed the ‘scumbag’ vandals. A tweet by GMP Prestwich said: “I hope those who desecrated a graveyard in Whitefield are proud!

“You are a complete disgrace to humanity!

“This is not what the community of Whitefield are about or accept.

“Anyone with info particularly about anyone trying to offload copper piping should contact us.”


  1. The secular Johrzeit is February 13th, so clearly these despicable bums picked the Shabbos immediately preceding that date, knowing that on Shabbos no Yehudim would be @Kever praying and be able to apprehend them.

  2. Shocking & absolutely disgusting…as a resident of the Manchester community it pains me to see such things happening: A) this is happening in our beis hakvoros, which has a fair share of choshuve people buried there. B) it is the kever of one of the biggest tsaddikim in the world, someone who after all the good he did for the world, does not deserve anything like this at all.

  3. Doesn’t posting photos of it add to the disgrace? Why does YWN insist on showing pictures of desecrated mikomos hakdoshim? This is also done when shuls are vandalized.

  4. @Avadah

    They did the absolute correct thing in publishing these photos. In order for the world to actually see how disgusting these acts are, photos are worth way more than words.

    Condemnation would not nearly have been as strong without these photos.