When I Arrived Here, I Knew I Had Come Home

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We, the talmidim of Yeshivas Tehilas Shlomo, are excited yet apprehensive, in anticipation of the successful outcome of our fundraising campaign. We look forward to the moment we can breathe an exhausted sigh of relief intermingled with joy and pride. We can’t wait to finally sit back and revel in the satisfaction of the completed mission- a job well done.

In the most literal sense, Yeshiva Tehilas Shlomo is our home. The term “yeshiva” calls to mind an image of a crowded beis medrash packed with bachurim at shtenders looking into gemaras, with a scholarly looking rebbe near tall stacks of sefarim. The reason for this association is because….it’s entirely accurate. So why are we all so at home in Tehilas Shlomo if it’s simply a beis medrash full of bachurim, avreichim, and rebbeim learning?

 The reason is that at Tehilas Shlomo we are not simply a yeshiva- we’re also a family. A talmid’s stint in our yeshiva is radically enhanced by a felt sense of unity and belonging, despite the diversely different backgrounds. Unfailingly, the caring rebbeim make themselves available to assist, support and encourage us with a dedication normally seen only in the relationship between parents and children. If a talmid needs extra time to understand the shiur or a chance to sit down and discuss an issue he’s dealing with, the rebbeim are quick to make time and review the sugya together or to patiently listen and provide guidance as needed.

The shiurim are meticulously crafted to challenge and inspire us. Instead of grouping us by age, the various shiurim are structured to open up the sugya according to the difficulty level that’s right for each talmid. Bachurim and avreichim are sometimes matched as chavrusos, deliberately creating the optimal setup for each talmid to maximize his own abilities. The seder halimud is designed to enable each and every talmid to complete and know each masechta. Integrated into the sedarim are thorough chazara programs and tests to encourage our progress. Similar to a family simcha, the feeling shared at each yeshiva siyum is one of jubilation, with all shining proudly as a result of an earned sense of satisfaction in our accomplishment.

 Of course, the mission continues outside of the beis medrash. The rebbeim have a keen focus on the whole being of each talmid, comprehensively training us in all areas of avodas Hashem and daily life. Through weekly shmoozen and vaadim in topics of mussar, avoda, and hashkafa, we are deliberately and carefully built into well-rounded bnei Torah.

 Alumni attest to still feeling extremely connected to Tehilas Shlomo. Rebbi-talmid relationships are preserved and the lifelong friendships created between bachurim and avreichim are maintained. We even have an online database of shiurim that’s continuously updated, available for alumni to listen to the shmoozen and shiurim regularly given in yeshiva. No matter where one ends up- whether learning full time, joining the world of chinuch, or entering the workforce – talmidim of Tehilas Shlomo continue to remain an invaluable part of the family.

 The special emphasis placed on growth in bein adom l’chaveiro profoundly influences the ruach in the yeshiva. Following the exemplary standard of our venerable Roshei Yeshiva, we talmidim do whatever is possible to be there for our peers – be it learning with a struggling bachur, providing a sympathetic ear to a fellow talmid, finding a Shabbos meal for someone who couldn’t, or simply just enjoying each other in the way that great friends do. Responsibility is shared by all; we know that the effective functioning of yeshiva depends on us. An erev Shabbos visitor will be met by a whirl of guys running around yeshiva, setting up, helping to arrange accommodations for rebbeim and their families, and even voluntarily preparing some of the food to give the Shabbos se’uda a homemade flavor.

 This explains why we find ourselves in the midst of a tumultuous campaign, as we tirelessly work together investing massive efforts and energy into this undertaking. We understand the extent to which our yeshiva has been so significant and impactful to all of us fortunate to be part of the Tehilas Shlomo Family. We want to ensure that the incredibly unique and successful role that our yeshiva fills can continue. It is for this reason that we are working relentlessly, and it is for this reason that we reach out to you. We cannot continue without YOU!! During these crucial 36 hours please donate generously! With a click you can ensure the continuation of Yeshiva Tehilas Shlomo.