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Seagate Nursing and Rehabilitation Center celebrates Purim

Seagate Nursing and Rehabilitation Center celebrates Purim.Last week, Seagate nursing and rehabilitation center celebrated an exciting Purim with its family members. The festivities started on the Monday before Purim, when local Yeshiva students came to be misamaych our residents. The approaching spirit of Purim was evident on everyone’s radiant faces. The daily minyan Mincha in our in-house shul featured Vayichal, the special Torah portion intended for fast days. On Purim night there was an inspiring Megillah leining led by our dedicated Rav. More than 20 residents and 20 of their family members participated. In the morning we had an overflowing crowd with over 25 residents and upward of 40 family members with many children. It was a stirring and uplifting experience that left all the participants exhilarated. After Davening there was a large Purim feast for all, followed by professional music and dancing. The friendly staff, residents and family members all danced with joyous delight. The merriments were incredibly thrilling and heartwarming. There was even a second leining of the Megillah for those who were unable to make the first one. Afterward, everyone partook in a Mishloach Munis distribution from room to room. Even the residents who could not leave their rooms felt involved and uplifted by the Purim atmosphere. All were in unanimous agreement that this was a Purim that will be remembered for years to come.

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