Behind the scenes: An In-Depth Conversation with Kupas Yom Tov

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Behind the scenes: An In-Depth Conversation with Kupas Yom Tov

Yom Tov is fast approaching, and with it, a multitude of expenses. The credit card is swiping continuously, yet the “To Buy” list still looms large. For all of us, it’s a lot, but for many devoted yungerleit in Beis Medrash Govoha and the many Kollelim around Lakewood, a befitting Yom Tov is far out of reach. Five years ago, Kupas Yom Tov stepped in to fill this gap. Today, we share an exclusive look at what goes on behind-the-scenes of this vital organization.

How did Kupas Yom Tov start?

Five years ago, just before Pesach, the close knit Yeshiva community suffered two losses close in time: the sudden loss of Rav Shlomo Zalman Rosengarten z”l and a young boy, Eli Raitzik, a”h. With broken hearts, a number of Yungerleit discussed what we can do in their memory. We decided to establish a kupah to help our fellow Bnei Torah with tzarchei Yom Tov.

What is it about tzarchei Yom Tov that is so pressing?

The Kollel yungerleit and their families by and large live very simply. Their dedication to learning Torah is such that they are willing to make it work on very modest incomes. They stretch each and every dollar. However, Yom Tov is another level: there are endless expenses and the cost is extremely high, even for a simple Pesach. There is just no way their meager monthly income can stretch that far.

How does KYT know who needs this help?

It’s incredible: each yungerman looks out for his friend. Our list is formed from caring brothers, friends, and chavrusas approaching their Roshei Chabura or Roshei Kollelim with concern for their fellow yungerman – even when they themselves may be in the same boat – and the Roshei Chabura pass on the names to us. We then do the research needed, in a very discreet way, to ensure that our funds are being allocated properly.

How many yungerleit is Kupas Yom Tov able to help?

Baruch Hashem, the amount of families we are able to help grows every year. That first Pesach season, we were able to raise close to $100,000, and by the next year, that doubled. This past Yom Tov season – Rosh Hashanah/Sukkos – we were Baruch Hashem able to help over 1000 families! As the amount of names being giving in has grown, the budget continues to increase. We now  are trying to raise close to $1 Million to be able to help more and more families make Yom Tov b’nachas ruach.

I would love to help, but I have aniyim in my own city/neighborhood.

Developed into the place with the largest concentration of Lomdei Torah in America, Lakewood attracts young couples from around the globe. Today, so many people have relatives in Lakewood and the yeshiva community is so big, it’s likely some of our recipients are your own friends, neighbors or even relatives.   

Additionally, we don’t view Kupas Yom Tov as a tzedakah. It’s a partnership and even more so, an investment. The yungeleit whom KYT assists are the self-same people who learn Torah in the largest yeshiva in the world today. Their kol Torah fills the air around the clock and supports the world. The zechusim that are garnered bring unimaginable bracha to all of Klal Yisrael – and it is for this very reason, the fact that they are engaged in Torah, that they need assistance for Yom Tov. Who but us, the beneficiaries of their loyal learning, should pick up the slack? By joining with KYT, we are procuring for ourselves a partnership with eternity.

We hear from our donors constantly, “Thank you, Kupas Yom Tov, for this remarkable opportunity. I know with certainty that I gained much more than I gave.”

Join with Kupas Yom Tov today to establish your own partnership with eternity. Together we can reach our goal of $1 Million to ensure a befitting yom Tov for our cherished bnei Torah – the pillars of Klal Yisroel. To donate click here or go to or call 732-334-0050. Sponsor a family or give whatever you can. The more you give, the more we can give.