Just one more meaningful Pesach preparation….

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Just one more meaningful Pesach preparation….

Klal Yisroel is blessed to have amongst us thousands of cherished Kollel yungerleit who spend their days and nights holding up the world with their learning.   While these humble Kollel families are able to manage their expenses year-round by living simple lives, the heavy costs of Yom Tov are beyond what they can handle alone. With Kupas Yom Tov, the joy returns to making Yom Tov. A generous check, discreetly given, allows these special families to approach the high points of our year with the true feelings of simcha that Yom Tov brings.

With yom tov less than a week away, the time is now!

Grab this zechus to help assist over 1,000 Kollel families with their Yom Tov needs. Sit down to the Seder knowing that on this lofty night, you are a partner with the Torah itself!

Please donate $120, consider sponsoring a family, or give whatever you can.

Click here to donate today or got to rayze.it/kyt/ or call our 24-Hour hotline 732-334-0050 or mail [email protected]kupasyomtov.org

Thank you and Tizke lemitzvos!