Women: Rescued Woman Event Is Tonight In Brooklyn (And All Week In NY)



Rescued Woman and Her Rescuer To Speak For Public in New York for the first time for Yad L’Achim.”



“He Said to Me, “If You Leave, I Will Kill You.”

Shira was trapped in an Arab village for over 20 years, starting from the age of 16. Now she is free and telling her story for the very first time in a series of events across Los Angeles, New York and Connecticut, organized by Yad L’Achim.

This will be the first time Shira has ever told her personal life story in a public setting. Shira will talk about her harrowing decade-plus living a life of fear and her story of rescue that took place during Pesach of last year. Her husband was the head of a criminal enterprise and Shira’s dedication to her children despite her suffering will inspire and amaze you.

Also appearing live at each of the events will be Sari, known as “the mother of rescued women.” who has helped to rescue over a thousand women and children. She will share several stories of rescued women.

The first few events, for women only, have already taken place in Los Angeles and all attendees stayed until the very end of the event. The women were spellbound after hearing Shira and Sari speak as well as a surprise guest that brought the audience to their feet in applause. At the conclusion of the events, special videos were shown including “David’s Bar-Mitzvah” a boy who was rescued from an Arab Village,

“Achmed ben Sara” is a name that would raise eyebrows in any Jewish community. It is also the name of a speaking tour, traveling cities throughout North America showcasing the hair-raising stories of Jewish women and children trapped in Arab villages.

After a series of 20 successful events in Florida and California, the tour is now coming to New York.

Young Jewish girls, often from troubled backgrounds, are groomed by Arab men who, posing as Jews, offer them gifts and attention to gain their trust. But once they follow their new sweetheart into Arab territory, the excitement turns to terror. Women are routinely subject to depraved violence and abuse at the hands of the men they hoped would be their Prince Charming. Their children are raised as Arab Muslims and taught to hate Jews.

“It’s almost impossible for a Westerner to imagine how totally trapped they are,” says Yossi Eliav, Director of Special Projects, organizer of the tour. “Some live like prisoners, without access to a phone or even the freedom to go outside.”

“One woman did not have access to a phone for 32 years and no way to call for help,” says R’ Nesanel Gantz, Director of Yad L’Achim in North America.

Yad L’Achim, founded in the 1950s, has rescued thousands of these imprisoned women and their children. The operations are conducted with the utmost secrecy, as the lives of the women, their children, and all operatives are at high risk. Once free, Yad L’Achim provides safe shelter for these women and their children and supports their reintegration into society. The number of Jewish women and children trapped in these conditions today numbers in the thousands.

At the events this week, women in the New York area, can see firsthand as Shira tells them her story plus a surprise guest. There are also two exclusive never-before-shown videos shown at the end of each event that left the audience in their seats until the very end.

For more information including schedule, visit www.2019ustour.com Or call: 646-860-916


Sunday, May 19 – 7:30pm

BORO PARK / FLATBUSH @ Har Levanon Synagogue 820 Ave S



Monday, May 20 – 8:00pm

CROWN HEIGHTS @ Lubavitcher Yeshiva Hall 580 Crown St (8pm)



Tuesday, May 21 – 7:00pm

5 TOWNS / FAR ROCKAWAY @ TAG (elementary) 4-44 Beach 6th St



Wednesday, May 22 – 7:00pm

STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT @ Chabad 770 High Ridge Road



Thursday, May 23 – 7:00pm

QUEENS @ Ohel Simcha 141-41 72nd Ave

For more information including schedule, visit www.2019ustour.com Or call: 646-860-9165