Urgent: Biala Chassidim in E’Y Fulfull the Request of the Rebbe Shilita!

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Biala Chassidim in Eretz Yisroel are fulfilling the request of the Rebbe Shlita to help support the Yeshiva Katana and Gedolah, the Avreichim and all their various chesed organizations who provide help for individuals and families who are in need.  Time is running short to meet our goal. Click now and take your part in this great opportunity.  https://www.charidy.com/BIALE/548441423

For donations, informations or support please call our 24 hotline:

+(972) 3-306-2044

For just 36 hours,

we have a special window of opportunity that will not return.

At the end of this 36 hour crowd-funding campaign, we can reach our fundraising goal for Biala Institutions in Eretz Yisrael.

If we fail to reach the goal, all the pledges will be returned to the donors!

Biala Torah Institutions

Biala is a place where Torah and Chassidus meet as one. A place where everyone is welcome and greeted with a friendly smile. The Rebbe shlita, author of Mevaser Tov, is there to help people of all backgrounds and ways of life.

Our network of Kolels includes hundreds of young Torah scholars, and the newly launched Biala Yeshiva is home to young students being raised in the Rebbe’s vision of Torah and middos tovos.

Throughout Eretz Yisrael, a network of shuls form the foundation of a growing, friendly community where everyone feels welcome.

Charity programs reach out from within our community to help those in need throughout the year.

All this is under the careful guidance and encouragement of the Rebbe shlit”a.

Now we are calling out for help to keep this important enterprise running.

This is our chance.

Please help us continue a tradition of Torah and kindness that has spanned through the generations. The merit of tzaddikim who led the community in the past, and of the Rebbe shlita who leads us into the future, will stand on your behalf.

“I will be greatly appreciative and pray on behalf of all those who help me,” the Rebbe writes in his fundraising letter on behalf of this appeal.

Details for Bank Transfer:

For US Donations:

Bank: JP Morgan Chase

Routing: 021000021

Account #: 298035996

Account Name: American Friends of Biala

Tax No: 11-2966687

For Israel Donations:

Bank: Pagi 52

Branch: 175

Account: 6513

Name: Mosdos Biala Chelkas Yehoshua

Tax reciept: Israeli Form 46

For International Donations:

IBAN: IL70-0521-7500-0000-0006-513

Tax reciept: Israeli Form 46

Checks may be sent to:

American Friends of Biala Yeshiva Inc.

1454 54th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11219

If you did not receive your receipt for tax purposes, please contact [email protected]