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Message To All Those Attending Anti-Vaxxer Event in Flatbush Tonight: DRESS NICELY

Concerned individuals have an important message to all those planning on attending the anti-vaxxer event at Ateres Chynka in Flatbush tonight:


A team of 4 photographers has been hired and will be photographing every individual attending this event, and will be publishing every image on social media. Our community deserves to know which parents are not vaccinating so we can properly protect our families.

Please dress nicely, and smile for the cameras on your way into the event.

THE ABOVE MESSAGE IS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT BY THE C.F.E.A.V.F.O.S. (Committee For Exposing Anti Vaxxers For Our Safety)

75 Responses

  1. That’s disgusting, how dare you photograph people and put them on social media!!!
    You should be ashamed of yourselves!!

  2. Finally someone doing something to get these people exposed!!!! It is time!!! Its an emmabarrment to have people follow uneducated perps who are charging 350 dollars for consults !!! Peolps who are following akeres habayis hotlines and peach magazine who hide the name of there editors!!! It starts with measles and chas vsholom polio rubella chas vsholom!!! They are selfish stupid ppl who are looking to make a chilly hashem!!! And they dont care about a fellow jew who is at risk of dying bec they are immuno compromised, had a transplant….. Next time you hear of an anti vaccer that has measles know they deserve we call child service son them!!! They purposely gave it to there kids shame shame!! They are following big tree a minister son who wears a yellow star nebech!!!! May they chas vsholom not bring back the real yellow star!!!

  3. Excellent idea. We need to let schools, camps, and bungalow colonies who these families are. This may sound drastic but it is critical as this dangerous arrogant group acts carelessly. “Dr. Meehan” who is a disgraced non board certified ophthalmologist from Oklahoma, now runs “clinics” capitalizing on these uninformed cult members. The good news is that he is being reported to the New York State medical board for possible sanction as he is now acting dangerously in this state. We will have individuals recording his words tonight and will act accordingly with reports to the state medical board. Dr. Neides is also a disgrace physician who was dismissed from Cleveland Clinic for his anti-vaxx business model.Interesting that he list Cleveland Clinic even though he was fired unequivocally. And folks remember in these comments that anti-vaxxers hide their true views always under the guise “i vaccinate my kids but….”They are deceptive and spreading terrible disease and risk to others.

  4. This is BRILLIANT! If these ppl rent halls and hide the true reason by LYING and say it’s for “Chinuch Gathering” then hire photographers and expose the truth.

  5. We should send a message to Ateres Chynka for hosting such an anti-halchic event, that they too will be boycotted.

  6. If someone wants to be the tallest in the room, they can either stand up on a ladder, or they can knock down everyone around them. So basically the anti ex-vaxxers are the knockers. instead of proving vaccines safe, they will knock anyone who disproves it. Bang, bang bang. Cool method guys. then you will stand tall. but don’t forget, the truth always wins. Not sure though why there is such a fear of this event. Do you really believe a bunch of people who don’t have science on their side can convince you something that is not true? unless maybe they are coming with the facts, unlike…

  7. This looks like something that belongs in the Coffee Room, not as an alleged article. Regardless of my views on the matter, it seems childish.

  8. i am VERY pro vaxer……….THIS stunt of taking pictures of people attending this anti-vaxer event is harassment and is counter productive . stage a protest outside or give out the 24-page brochure by Dr. Richard H. Roberts (thats posted on YWN) to all attendees of this event.

  9. These gatherings are often presented to people as information seminars, where the “issues” are discussed/presented. Therefore, not all of the attendees are anti-vaxers, rather some are people gathering more info on the issues. I don’t think stigmatizing everyone for attending is appropriate. Those that follow vaccination standards should be present and available to provide good pro-vaccination educational materials, including the written p’sak of the numerous poskim that call for vaccination. Please remember that there are medical reasons for exemptions, and those people may have valid reasons for their lack of vaccinations. Notices like, “Un-vaccinated people must observe notification and permission protocols, or be held criminally liable for injuries caused by their transmission of contagious illnesses”, might also be a sensible approach, provided that such protocols are legal and comprehensive. Please remember to have Ahavas Yisrael wherever possible, as a zechus for protection. Also, remember there are so many other non-Jewish people and groups that are not vaccinating, even in our local areas, where targeted education may serve better than just condemnation.

  10. 11665wst:

    I’ve been in the CR for a while, and this comment was the most difficult one to read, ever. Please use a spell checker, and review what you write before hitting the “post comment” button. A small bit of chesed. Please. I deciphered your point, but it was a painful process. I do agree with you. But please have some rachmonus on us readers.

  11. You cant blame Chynka they are running a business and they rent out the space. But this idea of the pictures, I LOVE it!! Childish, immature maybe even illegal but I love it.

  12. latest update: I hear they are giving out measles face masks! lol so cuteQ! for the cameras…ps security will be on site and throwing out any unauthorized participants

  13. Keep bringing negative publicity and then you wonder why antisemites blame the Jews for outbreaks. You can’t expect the non Jews to like us if there’s no peace from within. How about agreeing to disagree, live and let live. This intolerant, joke of a website is no longer a news site but a huge propaganda machine for all those who profit from vaccines. You will be held accountable for perpetuating hatred and sinas chinam within klal yisrael. Shame on yeshivaworld

  14. Two serious questions:

    1) Is photographing these individuals for purposes of exposing them to public censure halachically permissible? Has any posek been consulted?

    2) Is this legally permissible according to New York law? Has a lawyer been consulted?

    I am very pro-vaccine, and agree that we must take steps to make sure that the anti-vaxxers in our midst are confronted and either persuaded or coerced to get their children vaccinated. However, I am not sure that this is the right way to go about it, especially seeing to the negative uses that social media can make possible.

    To the organizers – please check this out before you do it, so any regrets after the fact will be avoided.

  15. unfortunatly dr roberts best of intentions are minimilly effective – these anti vaxers get a certain kick out of being unique & a narcassistic no logical explanations will work
    chynka had no business renting the hall, they are big enough not to need the headaches unless they were duped till after the signed contract
    the camera thing , as shlomo hamelech says im ekaish ..when dealing with a twisted mind you need to respond with a twist LOOKING FOWARD TO SEE THE PICS

  16. For all of you saying this is childish or that this is not the proper way to rebuke. This isn’t about proving anything to the people going to this event. This isn’t about scaring them away so they shouldn’t hear the anti vax speeches. This is about scaring people away from it, solely so that there shouldn’t be a large turnout and resulting chillul hashem in our neighborhood. These people won’t be convinced by dr Robert’s brochure or by any pro vaccine speeches, but what they’re scared of is publicizing who they are. If this event has a big crowd, you can bet there will be media coverage and the chillul hashem will perpetuate

  17. I’m not an enti vaxer, but this behavior is disgusting and harmful, it’s fueled by total hate and gaavah. To hire photographers to take pictures of every individual attending the event and post their pictures on social media to expose them is hateful, a total intimidation , a harassment, and most likely illegal as well. Whoever organized this, did they ask a psak halacha if they should or could do that? it’s getting totally out of hand, the hate that’s going on just because of different medical opinions is sickening, and only getting worse. You don’t have to agree with their opinions, just live and let live! This is a 100% sinas chinom. we all know well what happens when brothers turn against brothers. It’s a wonderful way to prepare for kabolas Hatorah and moshiach

  18. This is an utterly pathetic attempt at intimidation. Blimi Marcus’ provax gathering was a largely empty room at the atrium contrasted to the full house of pro choice audience members and others who came to hear speakers on the concerns of many medical professionals and researchers, including Dr Gregory Poland, vaccinologist and chief editor of peer reviewed journal Vaccine. The intimidation and scare tactics won’t work.

    When you throw out Jewish neshamos feom yeshivas; tell families they are not welcome in shuls, what do you expect? That these people, who together with their medics health professionals and based on their thought out research, would cave and vaccinate their precious children against their better judgement?

    No. Indeed, families are sending their children to public schools and private Christian schools, where they are welcomed with open arms. Families are beginning their own shuls, divesting funds from the community that is proving more and more to be a cult in the eyes of many.

    We need to recall what it says in the Zohar Hakadosh: in the end of days, the erev Rav will rule, rather than real Yidden with rachmanim, bayshanim, and gemillas chasadim. Further, Gemara sota 49b states that emet will be nehderet in these days, and the commentary is that truth seekers will live in their own communities.

    Indeed, this is occurring. Because Jews are rejecting fellow Jews, there is a rising schism in the community when what we need is achdus.

    The democrats (who are unilaterally pushing for vaccine mandates) and the mainstream media (a mouthpiece for leftists) are thrilled at the success of their fear mongering and divisiveness inciting.

    I hope we wake up before it gets worse.
    Please learn the facts: deaths from measles in USA: zero. Deaths from MMR: over 100.

    But measles is just one issue. What about hepatitis B?! Really, principals of yeshivas are requiring three doses of a vaccine which is designed protect against a sexually transmitted disease? And when carriers of hepatitis b must be allowed into schools? Where is the logic?

    Those who cry rodef would do well to remember that we have always been a people of the book and are to ask questions and examine the evidence. And consider that outbreaks occur among the fully vaccinated; and consider the fact printed on vaccine inserts that live vaccines shed, so please quarantine everyone who gets such a vaccine to protect the immunocompromised (who shouldn’t be out and about since there are many diseases for which we have no vaccines).

    Bring on the cameras. We want to know which Jews among us still have enquiring minds. Those are the ones we want shidduchim with; those are the ones we want community with; those are the ones who cling to HaShem, as we learn in chovos ulevavos: if you put your trust in anything other than HaShem, HaShem will give you over to that.

    Soon, very soon, the truth will be revealed. And this Avoda Zara of blind belief will be revealed as well.

  19. As a person that vaccinated himself and his family, this is disgusting. Loshon Horah in the first degree, especially this time of the year. I think I want to make a statement and attend. I’ll dare anyone to publish pictures. I’ll use all the people involved, including all entities private, personal and personel associated with this group and endeavor for defamation. Let this be a warning.

  20. 11655wst, who is bringing back the yellow star? You must be referring to Those Jews who are isolating and excluding other Jews: don’t come to our shul; don’t come to our school; don’t come to our camps; don’t participate in our carpool; our sports games; our Simcha’s….

  21. Anyone wondering why there is so much opposition to a group of people who are officially debunked? what is the fear? Are the jewish nation a group of behaimos that takes what it’s being fed as is? Or do we go according to logic and research? And cameramen, I might not vaccinate my children, but after attending a debunked event, I probably will come to the realization that the anti vax movement is a fraud and you will add me to the provax list. so, will there be two lines for pro and anti or are you sure that anyone entering will walk out against vaccines? just wondering the logistics..

  22. Please expose them . Please post phone or email of this new organization. I can help keep a computer database of their names and addresses

  23. Your comments make me want to join the antivaxers!!! My personal stance is that I am open to grow, learn and hear both sides…. but the hate spewing from the pro vaccine camp is sickening… I understand you are concerned for the well-being of children and those who are immunodeficient, but really the hate and bullying is illogical… aren’t we supposed to seek out truth… if their anti vaccine arguments are so pathetic then why is everyone so afraid to listen?

  24. Ja,
    “We need to recall what it says in the Zohar Hakadosh:”….etc etc..

    Whether one is Pro or Anti… I was not aware that Vax is such an essential Yesod in Yehadus, as IF someone is forcing your kids to shmad!

    Take a deep breath and just cool it! There much bigger issues…

  25. Jaja: I’m very glad you mentioned Dr. Gregory Poland because his comments are very worthwhile for YOU to read. He lays out all the reasons why measles vaccine is such an excellent vaccine and why those who don’t vaccinate are a risk to the others. The Forbes article is especially good. Thanks for bringing him up.
    I’m very glad that you feel that shidduchim are being made among the antivaxxer group because we certainly don’t want those shidduchim in our normal community. It’s also great that your cult is forming your own Shuls and taking your kids out of our schools because we certainly don’t want the nonvaccinated among us!
    You do need to read a bit before you post stuff because your post is fraught with false information – about science, Halacha, hashkafa, and kabbalah. But again thanks for letting us know that the approaches to exclude your cult of rodfim is having success!

  26. How invasive. I would avoid any educational event where photographs of the attendees is mandated by the producer.

  27. If we only used a tiny fraction of this kind of intimidation toward people who talk in shul, habitually speak and engage others in speaking lashon hara, promote machlokes…but no, let’s attack people who support parental health choice as opposed to government/community coercion. How unethical, divisive, and hateful. How confused we are. We need Moshiach desperately.

  28. Disgusting and anti-Torah to “DOX” people. Probably “motzei shame rah” and not even loshen hara!

    Even more disgusting that The Yeshiva World has this type of garbage on their website.

    I think it might be time to move on to a different website for Jewish News, as this one has gone off the deep end!

  29. Let me get this straight! Ateres Chynka will be paparazzied by 4 “photographers” to identify the antivaxxers?!
    Why are you letting the cat out of the bag? Don’t you really want to see who will show up?
    The answer is – it’s all about suppression of information being sheared by the event!
    Why? What’s so bad about hearing the other side of vaccine safety issue?
    Aren’t we taught to get to the truth in every issue? You can’t know the truth if you only hear on side!
    Since when did we start blindly trusting safety assurances of big and corrupt government bureaucracies?
    I wish that all this zeal and energy of the mainstream medical world would be used to figure out which people under what circumstances are more susceptible to vaccine injury, so that there would be no need for antivaxxer movement!

  30. Any “photographer” who takes part in such a hit job should be on “do not call” list!
    Everyone attending should use their phone cameras to take pics of those
    “photographers” and post them on social media to let people know who not to hire!

  31. I just wonder if any family that does not vaccinate and any Asperger or other kids on the autistic spectrum? Are there any firm numbers to give their claim any credence at all?

  32. I have 3 icomments:

    First, for anyone planning to attend and being camera shy, I understand it might rain tonight, bring an umbrella if you are concerned about having your picture taken… your medical decisions are entitled to a right of privacy.

    Second, what a courageous and principled point by “ontheright”, reminds me of the Dutch gentiles that wore Stars of David in solidarity with their fellow citizens the Jews.

    I too am vaccinated and so are my children… thanks for inspiring me to attend…

    Lastly, talk about cowards, the Pro-Choice have the courage to show their faces and identities. The Pro-Vaxxers don’t have the courage to identify themselves, instead hiding behind some ad hoc committee.

    Velamalsheenim al tehi sikvah.

  33. Pilpel Harif, actually threatening and intimidating a peaceful assembly at any venue would seem to be a violation of the first amendment of our bill of rights to peaceful assembly.

    The 66th precinct has been duly notified about this group, and also let us never forget the post on social media calling for the murder of rodfim, innocent and healthy children and families who are shunned from synagogues, schools, parties, carpools…

    This is very threatening and I’m quite confident law enforcement will take this very seriously.

    It’s too bad these Jews are taking this step to harass and intimidate and threaten with photograph posts on social media, thereby giving a bad name to Jews everywhere.

    It’s not about concern for health; if it were, none of these “photographers” would want to be surrounded by what they claim are disease carrying Jews. No, this is clearly about control, as was said, gaavah. Any abuser or cult wants everyone to be controlled and fall into line and will stop at nothing to make that happen.

    We still have the law and HaShem and truth on our side, even though they call the shots, or try to.

  34. Just because someone’s attending doesn’t mean they don’t vaccinate, they may be interested in hearing the other side. This is plain loshon Horah but might be a good gimmick to keep people away. Some people have too much time & money to spare.

  35. “Indeed, families are sending their children to public schools and private Christian schools,”

    1: I highly doubt a single frum yid enrolled their child in either a public or catholic school.
    2: Are you saying a person would prefer to out their child in a situation where statistically there is a FAR greater chance of harm than a TINY, at best, chance of physical harm? If you are, then this is a group of very sick people and they need a LOT of help, way more than they would get from any info printed and distributed by Dr. Roberts of Lakewood.

  36. The one and only way of stopping them ,is by expelling their kids until they vaccinate .
    BTW handler lives for controversy , if you know his life story.

  37. There will be a team of photographers taking pictures of the photographers, and their images will be posted on social media and they will never be hired by anti vaxxers or by anyone who is sensitive to people who bully others.

  38. EVERY ONE CHILL!! We have something called FREEDOM OF PRESS . Being the father of a child thats to young to get vaccinated why dont I deserve to know if my friends and neighbors are endangering my kids life??????????????!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Seems like Yidden have givin up on moshiach ever coming, so might as well enjoy sinat chinum. Stop saying next year in yerushalayim. The Belis hamikdash was destroyed because the way you are acting. Shame on all of you. Do teshuvah.

  40. I think that there should be photographers taking the pictures of the photographers who are taking pictures of the photographers. And then there should be people taking those photographer’s pictures. You’re all nuts. No one will ever convince the other side of their point of view. We as a community love hysteria. I would ignore them the same way I ignore Neturei Karta. They are just looking for negative attention. Leave it to the schools to ban unvaccinated children and to individual shuls to take care to ban individuals who put other lives at risk. Other than that I doubt that there is anything more that could be done.

  41. with all the insane shidduchim questions that people ask….. and the immature concerns for “how will it look”, …….. will this be the newest question, ” are her/his parents vaxers or anti…” ?!

  42. For those NORMAL people who vaccinate, if you do get to the event tonight to protest the rishus going on, make sure that everyone understands that Mr. Handler does not represent Judaism and should also not be classified as a “Rabbi.” He is a rasha mursha and needs to be excommunicated from any chareidi venue.

  43. I beg you all to stop playing the anti Semitism card. Since when is the DOH on our side? Seems like you all forgot about Bris milah and jewish education being a chillul hashem in the news.
    Jews are truth seekers.
    like it or not the torah teaches us to filter everything and find the truth. Yiddishkeit is about questioning everything not just accepting facts.

    If you are so afraid of questions then you don’t represent true torah Judaism

  44. “instead of proving vaccines safe, they will knock anyone who disproves it. Bang, bang bang. Cool method guys. “

    Isn’t that consistent with the fake news media outlets cnn vechooloo

  45. Great Job Yeshivah World. You are promoting antisemitism within the Jewish Community. This is nasty and obnoxious. Side note, Why are you so concerned if people attend–Is there something you don’t want them to know? You may also want to think twice about posting offensive articles which are purely Lashon Hara against other jews. Disgusting.

  46. Jews turning in Jews….there’s a name for that, but it eludes me.
    Since when are we so afraid of questionings??
    I suggest the attendees take pictures of the photographers and anyone there sponsoring such malevolence. Perhaps they might enjoy having their pictures taken.

  47. I don’t know if those that were hired are reading this, but using someone’s picture in a way that can be damaging to them is illegal. I am a professional photographer, and I am familiar with these laws as they pertain to me. All they need is a screenshot of the image of themselves on social media, and they can sue for a lot of money. Multiply that by a large group of people, and someone is going to be in big trouble. I vaccinate, I am just trying to get the facts out about this.

  48. Yes this is the way!
    If your an idiot and do not want to listen to the professionals or the rabbinic leaders of the community you don’t deserve better.
    When a person is in a CULT the only way is to drag him out by force – keep it up good work!
    Thanks YWN

  49. The group that sponsored this paid advertisement — in which they do not identify themselves personally — surely appreciates that they have the ability and freedom to do so.

    Yet at the same time, they seek to suppress the free speech of others, under threat of identifying them and posting their pictures on social media.

    Oh, the irony. It would be hard to match such hypocrisy and cowardice.

  50. anti vaxxers have no problem with giving measles to babies and children with immunosuppression…risking their lives and causing suffering but oh boohoo if they are caught on camera. That would hurt their self-esteem…really messed up sense of morality

  51. “GoodAttitude”, you have a bad attitude to the first amendment. This “Dr Meehan” person has an unalienable right to speak on a matter of public interest, even if he is speaking dangerous nonsense, and no government agency, including the New York State medical board, has the right to act against him for it.

    And those wondering about the legality of this, let alone those confidently pronouncing it illegal and threatening to sue, I’ve got news for you. The first amendment protects both the right to photograph anything visible from a public space, and the right to publish true information about anybody, including these photographs. Yes, the purpose is to intimidate attendees, and in NAACP v Claiborne the Supreme Court said that is just fine and dandy, even when the NAACP openly threatened to murder those seen going into the boycotted stores. Kol shekein here, where the only consequence of the photos’ publication will be embarrassment.

    jaja jordan is a liar. The most egregious lie is “deaths from measles in USA: zero. Deaths from MMR: over 100”. The FACT is that there has never been even one death caused by the MMR vaccine. Not one. Another lie is that “families are sending their children to public schools and private Christian schools, where they are welcomed with open arms”. No public or Xian school is welcoming unvaccinated children. Those two lies should be enough to treat everything this person says as a lie.

  52. The reason I call myself happyparent is because I am very happy to have stopped vaccinating my children.
    Take the pictures and I would like to see them (although it is disgusting of people to behave this way towards others)
    I would definitely want to know who doesn’t vaccinate their children. I wouldn’t want to marry my son to someone that has vaccinated.

  53. Most of the Jews in Germany protested the first Zionist Congress which was supposed to take place Munich Germany. They openly displayed their hatred for the zionists and fermented Sinat Chinam.

    They pressure the halls and succeeded to stop the Jews who wanted to gather and talk about going back to Eretz Yisrael from gathering in Munich.

    The Zionist Congress went on in Basel Switzerland. A few years later the Nazi party was founded in Munich Germany the SAME place where they rejected the Zionists.

    Looks like history is repeating itself, and YWN can be proud to say they were part of the Jews who spread Sinat Chinam and brought the upcoming catastrophe among the American Jews. I just hope Hashem protects the peacfull Jews who are seeking truth.

  54. Do as I see fit or I will threaten/ blackmail you. This is what we identify as a bully. We are privileged to live in a country that allows us to exercise all kinds of freedoms. THAT INCLUDES FREEDOM OF SPEECH even when some disagree with the content of the speech spoken.
    It is shameful to treat brothers this way!! Live and let live.
    Its time some people learn to agree to disagree.
    If YWN wouldn’t be working overtime to promote this shamefulness, nobody would hear or care of this event.

  55. @RealJewish

    I find it very funny that you are blaming the Holocaust on the fact that the german jews were fighting against the Zionist movement, a movement that is clearly responsible for millions of Jews being completely “chilonem”, when at the same time you are missing the fact that the whole haskula and reform movement started in Germany…
    AS R’ Avigdor Miller said to someone who asked him “where was Hashem in the holocaust? where was Hashem in Auschwitz? why did he let all this happen?
    R’ Avigdor answered him: Hashem was right there! there were tens of busses from the Jewish neighborhoods every shabbas leaving to the theaters! and you are asking where Hashem was?? he was right there!…
    The Torah say in the tocheche ” …אם בחקותי תלכי and if not…

  56. Just wondering if anyone knows where these pictures are posted…Looking to see who is actually willing to discuss/learn about vaccine risks, informed consent, and vaccine safety.

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