Vision Becomes Reality at Jerusalem Estates

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The Jerusalem Estates project has made unprecedented waves across Israel and around the world, setting new standards for quality, planning, and execution. Seeing the rapid pace of construction at the site of this revolutionary project, you begin to understand why. Work at Jerusalem Estates continues to progress at an accelerated rate, as vision coalesces into glorious realism. With the partial removal of the scaffolding in recent weeks, passersby are now granted a glimpse of the magnificent building exteriors, clad with a proprietary mix of over 50 cuts and styles of Jerusalem Stone.


Simultaneously, interior finishes are being applied to the lobbies, creating an aura that even surpasses the idea envisioned in the artist renderings. The lobbies are a centerpiece of the resident experience. Architect Yehuda Feigin drew from a combination of classic and contemporary Middle Eastern architecture to create a lobby that dazzles in both form and function, with meticulous attention to detail applied to every inch of the room. Take a few steps inside, and you’ll be forgiven if you think you were standing inside a luxury hotel.  

True to their ethos of exquisite originality, Jerusalem Estates lobbies boast soaring, twenty-foot ceilings, immediately creating an unmistakable aura of grandeur and majesty. Expansive arches filter in the magnificent golden hues of the Jerusalem sun, filling the room with a warm, ethereal glow. Premium, Italian-made, floor-to-ceiling windows provide sweeping views of the magnificent outdoor landscape, capturing the sublime tranquility from the Amphora promenade just beyond. Each lobby contains a dazzling display, which houses exact replicas of the 2,000-year-old coins for whom each building has been named.  The wall behind the aforementioned display incorporates a highly unique, aluminum and gold-plated pattern referred to  locally as “משרבייה” – an intricate feature with carved latticework, of Arabic origin. Plush lounge furniture invite residents and guests to not just pass through, but relax and interact. Sari Gurstein, chief interior designer of the Jerusalem Estates project, remarked: “The lobby isn’t just an expression of contemporary luxury – it also envelops the visitor in the natural warmth, beauty, and aura of Yerushalayim.” All this results in a building lobby that is not merely a first impression or conduit, but a destination in and of itself. 


In addition, work has commenced for the Amphora Garden, brilliantly planned by the award-winning firm, Zur Wolf. Their iconic designs include the Rose Garden in Jerusalem, the Sarona compound in Tel Aviv, and the Weizmann Institute of Science. The garden incorporates a modern design interpretation inspired by the historical nature of the region. Bisecting Jerusalem Estates with 8 dunam of magnificent greenery, the park consists of dozens of rare plants and flora, ecological pools, carved paths, and shaded benches for rest and relaxation – an embodiment of the unprecedented commitment to aesthetic and natural beauty that personifies the Jerusalem Estates project. The nature of the terrain, complemented by the distinct linear design motion, creates a starkly experiential promenade. The paths are made of numerous cuts of Jerusalem stone, first a full floor, and then a combined grass 

floor with a winding barbed line of wild stone. The immaculate walkways are dotted by various seating areas, with small pergolas providing shade and comfort to anyone who wishes to sit and take in the full garden experience. 


Jerusalem Estates has received countless inquiries about the garden and its interplay with the overall project, and a significant number of inquiries regarding purchasing residences facing the promenade.


“Amphora Garden is, for me, the crowning glory of the entire project,” says Peretz Blau. “It is the linchpin, unifying the entire concept, bridging the contemporary and historical to create a unique, remarkably tranquil atmosphere right in the heart of Yerushalayim.”

Apartments at Jerusalem Estates are being sold at a record pace. If you would like the rewarding experience of purchasing a piece of lasting history, contact our sales office at  718-564-6656