Refuah Institute Trains Hundreds to Become Catalysts for Change in Their Communities

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Refuah Institute Trains Hundreds to Become Catalysts for Change in Their Communities

Refuah Institute’s unique Torah-based coaching program combines scientific methods with Torah wisdom, empowering graduates to enable others to achieve success and fulfillment in their work and life.

Through an interactive, year-long distance learning program, Refuah Institute allows individuals to earn a diploma as a CBT Coach, jumpstarting new career or enhancing existing ones. Refuah Institute has trained hundreds of individuals, including Rabbis, Educators, Leaders, Counselors and Consultants who have gone on to make a significant impact on their families, schools, and communities. 

The coaching techniques I learned allowed me to develop new and innovative coaching workshops which help women make significant improvements in the quality of their lives.
~ Rebbitzen Yehudit Eichenblatt 

Over the course of 130 hours of training, which includes lectures, demonstrations, and role-playing, individuals acquire coaching skills that will empower them to coach in any type of situation. Students harness the transformative, research-based techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Counseling and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), culminating in a certificate from the American Association of Professional Coaches (AAPC).
Every week there was something that I could implement immediately, yet the full depth and value of the ideas and concepts matured throughout the duration of the program. The practice and role-playing sessions were especially powerful learning techniques.
~ Rabbi Tsvi Koehler

About Refuah
The Refuah Institute was founded York in 1994 by Dr. Rabbi Joshua H. Ritchie, M.D., as an educational organization dedicated to providing education and services that promote wellbeing and harmonious relationships in accordance with Torah Hashkafa principles. Its distinguished list of faculty members includes Rabbi Zelig Pliskin; Rabbi Zev Leff; Rabbi Natan Schafer, MSC; Stewart Hirsch, J.D.; Rebbitzen Liliane Ritchie and Rebbitzen Rifka Finkel.

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