JUST A FEW SEATS LEFT FOR MONDAY DEC 2! The Greatest Night in Orthodox Jewish Professional Success!

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Jew in the City’s All Star Awards is: The Greatest Night in Orthodox Jewish Professional Success!

Now in its 6th year, taking place at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, the All Star Awards is a night of kiddush Hashem and inspiration  – highlighting some of the most accomplished religious Jews in the world today as part of Jew in the City’s mission of rebranding Orthodox Jews and Judaism.

Jew in the City founder, Allison Josephs was raised to hate Orthodox Jews, despite being a proud secular Jew. “My earliest memories were of my father coming home and disparaging his frum patients: they’re dirty, they’re smelly, they’re ignorant and they can’t speak English,” was his usual refrain. But then Joseph’s experienced a tragedy, when at 8 years old, one of her classmate’s was murdered after the classmate’s father went crazy and killed his children and himself. Suddenly Joseph’s happy secular life didn’t make too much sense. “I didn’t understand the point of living, if we’re going to just die one day. I went on a search for meaning, but didn’t know where to find it.”

At sixteen, Joseph’s encountered her first Orthodox Jew – a teacher teaching in her after school Hebrew High school. Josephs learned Torah for the first time in this class and spent her first Shabbos with this teacher’s family. She was hooked and not only did she begin a journey to observance, she took her entire family – including her father – along with her. Joseph’s created Jew in the City as a way to confront the negative ideas about frum Jews and yiddishkeit that she was raised to believe. Not only has the organization, which has 500,000 unique visitors to its site each year!! Heard countless stories of its readers becoming observant, the engaging and inspiring content had an unexpected affect.

In 2013, a couple who was on their way out of observance approached Josephs and asked her to help them live the positive, meaningful yiddishkeit they saw on Jew in the City. Josephs and her staff soon realized that this was not a one-off case. There were many people in the frum world who had abusive experiences and connected dysfunction with Torah. While Jew in the City was founded to reach less observant Jews to show them the beauty of a life of Torah and Mitzvos, the mission has expanded to members of the frum community who became disenfranchised by yiddishkeit with its program, Project Makom.

The ten exceptional individuals who have been named the 6th class of Orthodox Jewish All Stars by Jew in the City and will be honored at an on December 2, 2019 at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall at a red carpet style awards show including Karen Barrow, Senior Editor at the New York Times; AJ Edelman, First Orthodox Jewish Male Olympian; Joseph Essas, CTO of OpenTable;  Bat-El Gatterer, First Orthodox Jewish Female Olympian; Dov Kramer, Executive Producer at WFAN radio; The Honorable David Friedman, U.S. Ambassador to Israel; Shulem Lemmer, the first born and bred Hasidic Jew to sign with a major record label; The Secretary of Transportation of Massachusetts, The Honorable Stephanie Pollack, Sam Rascoff, Former Director, NYPD Intelligence Analysis Unit; Jerry Wittenstein, NASA scientist who developed 3 out of the 6 trajectories for Apollo 11.                     

In addition to the All Stars, four-time Emmy-nominated actress, Dr. Mayim Bialik, will be recognized that evening for her historic commitment to Jewish observance in the midst of secular Hollywood, receiving a Keter Shem Tov Award, as she has improved how Orthodox Jews are regarded in the world.

With an after party catered by Nobo Wine and Grill, this evening is not just one of immense inspiration, but also one of fun!

Over half of the seats are SOLD OUT!

Grab your tickets HERE!

Past Orthodox Jewish All Stars have included former Senator Joe Lieberman; Ford Motor Company VP and Treasurer, Neil Schloss; UK Pensions Minister, Baroness Ros Altmann; the Honorable Ruchie Freier, the first Hasidic Female judge; David Mazouz, teen star of the hit Fox drama Gotham; Nobel Laureate Robert Aumann; Emmy winning co-executive producer of the hit TV series Modern Family Ilana Wernick; Treasury Secretary Jack Lew; CEO of advertising agency 360i, Sarah Hofstetter, Creative Director of BCBGeneration,Joyce Azria, and Chief Risk Officer at the NSA, Anne Neuberger


  1. Looks like the venue will be pretty much empty. The only available tickets are at orchestra level and almost all of them have not been sold. There are a few $100 tickets left, but the vast majority are $225. You can get multiple seats seat for the siyum hashas for that kind of money!