Was Last Nights Double-Fatal Crash A Terror Attack?


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The Otzma Yehudi party on Sunday morning called on Israel Police to probe the fatal accident that claimed the lives of members of the Rimol family of N’vei Tzuf close to midnight on motzei Shabbos. The members of the right-wing party suspect the accident was a terrorist attack.

According to the party, since the morning hours, persons have contacted them, persons who were at the scene, citing the driver responsible is an Arab, who was driving at excessive speed and intentionally continued through a red traffic signal despite the vehicles waiting for the light.

The party states, “We are calling on police to probe the accident in-depth towards determining the intentions of the driver towards ruling out that it was a terrorist attack and slammed into vehicles waiting for a green light to kill them. Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, one of the party’s leaders, tweeted that this was not “an accident” but it appears to have been murder.

Mrs. Tzipi Rimol A”H, 35, and her baby Noa Rachel A”H, 3-weeks-old, were R”L killed during the night in a fatal accident at Givat Ze’ev Junction on Route 443 outside Jerusalem shortly after midnight on motzei Shabbos. The father, Ephraim, 40, is in serious condition, and son Itai, 10, is in critical condition.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)