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The Lakewood Bonei Olam Sandcastle Challenge + Sandcastles LIVE This Sunday!

Can you find the hidden sandcastles in Lakewood this week?

Bonei Olam of Lakewood hid sand castle images throughout all the local publications that come to your door.

There are 16 castles between the BP Weekly (6), Voice of Lakewood (4) and the Lakewood Shopper Family Room (6).

If you find all the castles in each publication you get 1 free ticket into the auction plus an entry into a raffle to win 30 ice cream’s at Sprinkles.

If you find all castles in all publications you get 1 free ticket entry to the auction, plus 5 entries for a raffle to win 30 FREE ice cream’s at Sprinkles.

Please text your answer of the page numbers to 732.204.8114 or by texting Boneiolam to 484848.

Join us this Sunday from 7 AM till 10 PM at Gourmet Glatt Plaza, 1700 Madison Avenue to watch an acclaimed fanned artist as he sculptures a full size sandcastle like you’ve never seen before, in honor of Bonei Olam.

Selfie Terminal and balloons for all to enjoy!

Take home a photo on the spot in your own new frame.

Click HERE to enter the Sandcastle auction!

To join the #Babyinabucket contest find us on Bonei Olam Instagram.

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