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SHOCK VIDEO: Minutes After Attack, Local Anti-Semites Blame Jews For Attack, Condemn Jews

Hours after reports of a Jewish-owned grocery store in Jersey City was involved in a shootout with heavily armed criminals, a representative of Americans Against Antisemitism took his camera and went to the scene. What he recorded and encountered when he got there shocked all of us. While it was becoming clear that a terror attack had unfolded, and that Jews had been murdered, local residents gathered outside to blame Jews for all sorts of problems including their own deaths, while others cheered them on.

Not only was there a terror attack to absorb at the scene, which would be enough for anyone to deal with, our representative had to deal with vile antisemitic vitriol from local residents who wished the Jews were dead and gone. Let that sink in.

What this clearly shows is that antisemitism is a MUCH BIGGER problem than anyone has hitherto imagined! It’s time for people of all persuasions to wake up, now! We’ve been warning for a while that antisemitic terrorism was coming, and here it is. And it’s worse than the attacks alone, now they add insult to injury, throwing salt on the freshly opened wounds, and surround those sites with antisemitic hate.

“While the Jewish blood of terror victims was still warm, local residents gathered outside not to show support, not to offer help, but to condemn Jews, blame Jews for their own deaths, and cheer it on,” said Dov Hikind on the shocking footage. “The big story here is that not only was there a horrible terror attack motivated by antisemitism that occurred, but it happened in a context in which wishing death on Jews seems totally normal.”

[Jersey City Shooting Victim Yeshiva Bochur Moshe Hersh Deutsch HY”D]

[Jersey City Shooting Victim Mrs Leah Mindel Ferencz HY”D, Mother Of 5, Founder of New Community]

[WATCH THE SHOOTING UNFOLD – NEW FOOTAGE: Members of “Black Hebrew Israelite Movement” Are Suspects]




(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

39 Responses

  1. It’s for time davka like this that the old wise Jews used to put it
    rather than turning outward towards others
    turn inward

  2. What will the presidential candidates and politicians of importance, say or not say about this latest act of terror? It will be very eye-opening.

  3. The dilemma here is that the PC mentality has been permitted to thrive. One may voice their opinions without hesitation, protected by freedoms. Even inciteful speech is allowed this freedom. Anyone claiming victim status is given carte blanche to do whatever they want. And this is being exploited everywhere. I haven’t a care in the world whether someone likes Jews or not. And I say the same for any other group, be it immigrants, Muslims, blacks, etc. But the moment it turns into hate speech, it becomes inviting to implement these feelings into destructive actions. That should be terminated at the source, immediately.

    How many of our own support these distorted beliefs? Have any of our own voted to support any of the politicians who espouse such immoral views?

    Dov – keep up your great work. Expose all this. What we need more of is the grooming of some of our young people to enter politics, and challenge these ridiculous and dangerous patterns. We need elected officials like the Squad and their ilk to be voted out of office.

  4., at least the politicians and police can’t deny this time that it was a targeted attack… I hope everyone learnt their lesson even when authorities deny anti-Semitism because they have no clear evidence, stabbings and shootings are not “inside jobs” as some were so quick to jump to the conclusion with the stabbing in Ramapo only because the police didn’t want to classify it as an anti-Semitic incident.

  5. this is how the selfish leftist/liberal mind works.” my kids are scared now because you [ jews] moved in. period.”
    that what shes sayin, man. listen again if u missed it.

  6. But the neighborhood wasn’t built for her originally or anyone else in this video. These folks complain and got to the supreme court to get into these neighborhoods and end housing discrimination, but if someone else wants to be their neighbor, you get protests, yelling and violence against you.
    It isn’t even just against the Jews. It’s the anti-gentrification nonsense nationwide.

  7. What does that mean?? FIGHT IT?? Fighting will just make things worse. The only way to act in Galus is only with Hachna’ah. Remember – we are in GALUS!!

  8. they are the ones who did it.
    ok, not themselves, but their side. their cousin, neighbor, friend. their the ones who encouraged them to carry out their plans. now after they carried it out, it should be any different?
    (apparently the only thing they didnt include in the equation is that their kids would be stuck in school)

  9. Animsls, nothing less! Blacks can never take responsibility for their actions. It always goes back to “poor kid grew up in da hood, had a rough life”. WTH are these animals talking about?! Just last night blacks interviewed were saying that this is common stuff, they weren’t even alarmed much. We weren’t born yesterday, Jersey City has a history of violence- how is this OR that the Jews problem? Same as when Officer Matlosz was ambushed by an animal in Lakewood and some idiots tried excusing it with the old garbage I said above “raised in da hood, single mom” blah blah…… It took a BLACK individual to write an op-ed blasting the attitude and he stated that there is no way these kids will ever get anywhere in life if everything is always blamed on others. Makas Choshech indeed.

  10. Perhaps it’s time for us to bite the bullet. Time for us to realize that we are bringing much of these “tzores” on ourselves.
    > Do we make a Kiddush Hashem by the way we drive, how we stand on line in stores, banks, and other public offices, how we talk and act in public?
    > Are we making a Kiddush Hashem when we go to parks and other public venues and leave our lunch left-overs and children’s candy wrappers strewn all around? Can’t we clean up after ourselves?
    > Must we make affairs (whether chasunas or fundraisers) in city center’s hotels? Do all the onlookers need to send how we dress up, the jewelry the ladies wear, the opulence of these affairs?
    > Do we need to drive the most recent and fancy cars? Are we making a statement that is so resented by our neighbors?
    > Must we live in mansions? Can’t the exterior look simple? Can we keep our window shades down so that people from the street do to have to look in and see the silver display or the fancy chandeliers – and the list goes on and on.
    > The Kli Yakar in the beginning of Devarim (on the posuk “pnu lochem tzofono”) states clearly that all the “tzores” we have throughout the generations come from our displaying our “wealth”. This is the real cause of our problems.
    What will we do about it? Shrug it off or internalize the message? It’s all part of golus.
    Perhaps the Agudah can get involved? Perhaps team up with the Hisachdus, OU, and other Orthodox organizations? Can we get the message across to everyone that we are still in golus? That may the only way for us to get out of this golus.
    It’s becoming a real life-and-death issue. What are we waiting for?

  11. @Azoiy.
    Your comments frustrated me greatly. Allow me to explain.
    Firstly, while you are right that what we have to do as yidden is to be better yidden, and that is surely the takeaway from a tragedy such as this. What you are referring to is not necessarily in the “be a better yid” box. As yidden, we ARE allowed to own homes in accordance with our wealth. And we ARE allowed to own cars in accordance with our wealth.
    Yes every kehilla must establish takanos on the particulars. But when there is extremely low income communities, we arent demanded to mirror their standard of living.
    3. Even if you were correct, that we all have to live in two bedroom apartment complexes, THAT IN NO WAY MITIGATES THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THESE PERPS AND THEIR ENABLERS/SUPPORTERS. as such, dont blame the victims, perhaps we should be making changes, but the responsibility of this attack belongs to the perpetrators, no one else!

  12. Azoiy makes good points. I also want to add that we know Sinas Chinam is our downfall. If we don’t want anyone to hate us, then we have to make sure we are not guilty of the same….no matter under what umbrella you may want to call it to say it is justified.
    Please let us all – for the sake of all of us – work on this with real sincerity, not for a day or two but for as long as it takes to bring Mashiach already. Push yourself and do it in the zechus of those who were murdered.

  13. Is this a surprise to anyone? I don’t think so, it’s a rule, Eisav hates Yaakov. It’s more of a surprise how we Jews still living and acting in our old ways and just “don’t get it”! We don’t get that they hate us, we don’t get that they don’t like us, we don’t get that we aren’t welcomed in their cities, towns and parks. Instead we’re constantly planning to expand and go where we don’t belong, we move into the heart of their towns, slowly buy off their homes, open our own yiddishe stores and supermarkets, live our lives in our own enclaves right in front of their faces. We don’t associate with them, have nothing in common with them, some of us don’t even speak the basic language of the land they’re in (did anyone see the video of the JC police officer talking to the little boys in the yeshiva next door to the shooting? the rebbe was translating to the boys in Yiddish what the police officer was saying, they don’t even bother to learn or teach simple English, except for thank you) but we’re going to be stubborn and fight to get right in their faces. Yes as American citizens we legally have every right to live anywhere we wish, buy any house we want in the country, but it’s not about rights, it’s about having common sense and realizing that we’re in Galus and aren’t welcomed every where, we should get the more than just hints and messages and take it seriously to stay low key and not get on the goyim’s nerves by doing things that bothers them. We are hurting ourselves with our own hands. The source of all hatred and anti semitism mostly stemming from our own behavior. I hope we will change soon before it’s too late. Things are just getting worse and worse, uglier by the day.

  14. Wow, the hate dripping from these “humans” mouths! Just wow!! Take a look around at pretty much every other racist attack anywhere in the world, in fact, what you generally see is people flocking to the scene with flowers. Not relatives or friends, just ordinary people, they feel that human feeling to show empathy, put their differences aside and unite as humans. Here in Jersey City, they gathered to spew forth profanity, obscenities about their neighbors. These are not human beings, in my opinion. They have no shame, no human feelings! Humans don’t go on camera immediately after such an attack and lambaste the very people slaughtered. They have no value for life, not the life of their own, certainly not of others. Do Jews really belong living amongst them? Perhaps give them what they want, let them live — and die — amongst each other. They don’t mind guns killing their own, they just don’t want the Jews as neighbors.

  15. There are no safe places on Earth for Jews these days, including Israel where more Jews are being murdered each year only because there are Jews. America is the only place in the world where ordinary Jews have legal rights to protect themselves with firearms guaranteed by US Constitution.

  16. @anewuser “The end is near here in america. moshiah is coming”

    thats what they said with the rise of the Nazis and the Pograms and Spain and the Crusades
    so you think you have to do NOTHING but wait !!!!!??????

  17. Jews are to blame for these attacks as sin is the cause of everything. Things don’t just happen to us as if there’s no God. Obsession with antisemitism is a false god. Antisemitism isn’t the cause of anything. Jewish sin is the cause of everything. Not the sin of these victims, but our sins, the community’s sins. And there’s lots of that going around.

  18. Israel10 maybe the sin is that our Jewish brothers and sisters don’t come to Eretz ha Kodesh when the doors are wide open and the ticket is free !

  19. MoisheinGolus – “America is the only place in the world where ordinary Jews have legal rights to protect themselves with firearms”??? Here in Israel you also have the right to own a gun. I’ve owned a gun for over 30 years.
    And according to your view that more Jews are killed רח”ל in Israel – because we’re the majority of the population – I suggest you move to Malta.

  20. AZOIY:

    Get the Agudah involved?? Do you really think the Agudah will do anything to attack the rich lifestyle of their supporters? The Agudah is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  21. chash
    Don’t pretend to conflate the issue
    in all the centuries What azoy suggested was a natural response of those of our tradition

  22. azoi is

    more than just external how you live it’s also how a person acts And
    more important what do we publicly stand for And represent for the whole society

    don’t try to make excuses for your lifestyle

    Did anyone say no
    nevertheless no doubt be exponentially less

  23. @ its time for truth.
    Since your haranguing of me was heavily redacted apparently, i wasnt able to recieve the full brunt of brunt of your wisdom. However i will respond to your point in an effort to clarify some things.
    First. I agree that people should not live in ostentatious lifestyles and i myself find distasteful some of what i see as the ‘rat race’. However, there has ALWAYS been room for the wealthy to live in accordance with their means and not have to subjugate themselves to what you would necessarily consider appropriate.
    Second. murderers are murderers. I dont care if the ones they target live in a palace and they in a slum. That does not warrant violence against them and anyone who even suggests that the rich are deserving of the outcome of the jealous are wrong.
    Third. The people in Jersey City were not the ostentatious types. They moved there specifically to be in tune with a cheaper lifestyle. And still the animals hated them “cuz da childrahn arr stuhk i’ skool” (i am not racist btw, but call a pig a pig)
    Fourth. Your suggestion that i shouldnt defend my lifestyle is both idiocy and uncalled for. Of course you wouldnt believe me but if i told you i lived in a basement in lakewood and paid under 900 for rent and drive a used carrola, is that lifestyle too lavish for you? well thats what i do. i hope that clarified some things for you

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