First There Was Shark Tank, Now There Is “Kosher Tank” Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Food Dreams A Reality

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 Starting up a kosher food business is hard. You have to rent a facility. Buy equipment. Get your products into retail. Secure kosher certification. There’s got to be a better way!

Enter Kosher Tank. Brought to you by the Kashruth Council of Canada – better known by their kosher symbol as “COR” – Kosher Tank invites start up food entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to our sharks. Contestants can win free kitchen time at Kitchen 24 – a state of the art 30,000 square foot shared kitchen facility located in Toronto, along with COR kosher certification. They will also receive advice from the kosher sharks who have over 100 years of combined experience in the kosher food industry. Winners will also get guaranteed placement in a participating grocery store.

 “With so many talented people with new and interesting ideas in the food space, we want to make it easier for start-ups to bring more kosher food to masses,” said Richard Rabkin, COR’s Managing Director. “Kosher Tank is an exciting forum to help foster food businesses, give a helping hand and bring more delicious kosher food to people.”

“Being a contestant on Kosher Tank was a great experience,” said Carolyn Rostenne, one of the Kosher Tank participants whose “Smoothie Pies” wowed the sharks. “It was a lot of fun and it fuels me for the next steps in growing my business.”

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