Can you be the solution to the School Crisis?


Having the kids home from school is no easy task, to say the least, and lets just hope that this entire saga will end soon enough with the best outcome possible. However, let’s refresh our memory to just a short couple of years ago, when the Lakewood population started outgrowing its school capacity, and as a result many girls from wonderful families were left quarantined at home indefinitely? What did the general public do about it?

It depends. Some people felt their pain, others ranted and raved against school administrations for their indifference to the pain of a Yiddish kinderlach. Though a small minority did spring into action, and brought upon a solution.

That indeed is exactly what a group of selfless askanim chose to do. They didn’t suffice with feeling their pain, ranting, or playing the blame game. They actually took matters into their own hands, launched themselves into the massive undertaking of founding a new school from scratch, in order to offer an outstanding chinuch institution for those forgotten children.
Not just any school, they spared no effort to make sure that everything is getting done at the highest level and top quality. Those efforts bore fruits, seeing the amazing success of this school, which currently stands in its second year and already has 5 grades with almost 100 students being educated there by an outstanding staff of 26 experienced educators, under the leadership of the dedicated principal Mrs. Rapaport, who made it her mission to turn this school into a wonderful warm atmosphere where every single student feels at home when between the walls of the school.

This remarkable success is a direct result of Hashgacha Pratis and Siyata D’shmaya which accompanied this school on every step of the way. which can be directly attributed to the holy foundation of this school which was founded under the auspices of the distinguished Kosov’er Rebbe Shlit”a, and is run under his leadership and guidance.

However, our dear brother and sisters, this is too big of a mission to be accomplished by a few individuals, this burden is too much for them to carry alone, Klal Yisroel must all come together and join them in this mission and alleviate their burden.
Let’s stop and think for a moment which group we belong to? Are we from those who just feel their pain? From those who complain? Or from those who actually bring upon the solution for Klal Yisroel’s kinderlach.

Your donation can make it easier for every little girl in Lakewood to have a school to attend.
Your donation will directly result in the solution to the school crisis in Lakewood.

When you click on {this link} to make your donation, keep in mind all the those infected by the Coronavirus to have a Refuah Shleima, and keep in mind your own family and friends to be shielded and protected from the grip of this virus.