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Quarantined? Can Help You Say Kadish For Your Loved One

Due to the current situation, many Jews are faced with the inability to say Kaddish. When a person passes away the soul ascends to the heavenly court where it must face judgment for all the actions performed during its lifetime. Based on this judgment, the soul will be rewarded for its merits and punished for its misdeeds. We can lighten any harsh judgments by performing merits on our loved ones’ behalf. under the auspices under Rabbi Yosef Churba Rosh Yeshivat Magen Abraham was created to give people the ability to provide spiritual services for their loved ones that do not have the ability to perform them on their own. All services are carried out by worthy individuals selected by the Yesod Yosef organization from their list of needy families living in Israel. Aside from providing merit to your loved ones via the actual services, you are also providing livelihood to needy families which is a very high form of charity.


• Kaddish • Graveside Memorial Service • Synagogue Memorial Service • Leading Prayer Service • Yizkor by Torah • Candle Lighting • Dedicating a Sefer Torah • Mishna Learning
• Halacha Study • Reciting Psalms • Zohar Learning • Acts of Chesed • Prayers at the Kotel • Donate a Prayer Book • Challah Baking • Publish Sefarim

• Sponsor a Pair of Teffilin for a Bar Mitzvah • Sponsor a Kiddush • Sponsor a Bris • Sponsor a Wedding • Sponsor a Shabbos Meal • Sponsor a Shiur • Sponsor a Child’s Tuition

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